Friday, January 1, 2010

System traffic and reverse engineering

After nearly 4 weeks of mostly just my two static exits, this evening the new year welcomed a total of 6 Exits!

In addition to the static LowSec and C2, I had 4 K162's: a nearly expired (timer) C2, a new C2 (abandoned small POS, decent amount of sites and sigs), a new N766 C5 (Unoccupied but recently farmed), and a nearly expired (timer) HighSec exit. By the next morning all but my static exits remained.

Also, my favorite wormhole info lookup site, eWormhole, is Gone! Looks like not enough donations to keep it afloat. I have updated the link to a different wormhole info source.

Based on other comments, I cleared all but 2 of my sleeper sites. Many pilots have suggested that retaining one or more anomalies may affect the respawn rate. I think the idea is bunk, but willing to give it a shot. The system certainly respawned much faster while I was on vacation. At least double the respawn rate as compared to when I am clearing the system daily...

Even with all of the K162's, I have yet to have any aggression against the POS. Let's hope that streak continues!

Finally had a chance to complete my Reverse Engineering spreadhseets and supply them with actual yield ratios. The findings were thus: The way to go is Intact Relics, although this approach is going to require a significant up-front investment, since intact relics are the domain of higher class W-space.

So, I have a stack of BPCs for the subsystems I want to build and all of the required elements, just waiting for a few skills to finish up.

Happy New year everyone, and Fly Safe!


  1. regarding a wormhole lookup tool - I used to use the Wormhole Thingie 0.52 but they haven't updated it for quite some time. I now use EVEHQ's Void Plugin that works with the new IGB so it automatically can display the properties of the system my ship is located everytime I fire up the browser page. Pure win! :-)

  2. Hi, just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a great blog, which really inspires adventure. I have only recently started out in EVE but already I am planning my first w-space POS thanks in no small part to you ;-)

    Keep up the posts and best of luck with your latest projects. Also, all the best wishes for the New Year. I hope to run across you some day in my trusty Helios and shiny new Prototype Cloaking Device....