Friday, June 24, 2011

Continued growth and expansion

A lot has happened since my last post about the war in Tenerifis to purge White Noise and being awarded the Tenerifis G3IP-E constellation for CTA participation and additional warfare.

As it turned out, the campaign pushed into Detorid, primarily with us, IO, SOB and EON waging battles deep into Detorid and maintaining a strong line at the border area between Tenerifis and Detorid. To be transparent, it was not like we had a ton of resistance, but we continued to put up good numbers and soon cleared sov on nearly all of the key systems and stations.

-A- placed SOB in charge of newly-captured Detorid, who then quickly awarded our alliance 5 constellations. As it stands currently, our alliance holds sov in PR-ACX, T875-C, MZ-PA2, 1RG-GU, and HOV-VI. We immediately shared with EON, giving them HOV and renting T875 to a very capable Alliance - TFA.

Just about the time where we began to grow weary of constant sov-bashing (akin to watching paint dry - Cyno to target system, shoot structure, lather-rinse-repeat), we finally started seeing signs of what we suspected would occur - challenges to certain systems and an increase in fun hostile encounters. There is some classic ping-pong sov action in the SOB-held south-eastern portions of Detorid, with plenty of CTAs to go kill SBUs, etc.

As we work together more, the Detorid coalition is beginning to function properly and it looks now that, short of DRF deciding to do something more than burn a few cornfields, the Detorid coalition + -A- will hold the region.

I hope things get back to "good fights" - everyone grows weary of structure bashing after a while. Looking forward to flying more with TFA and EON as the saga in Detorid continues to unfold.

Best laughs of the month: Taking Sov on the 3-LJW3 station system, getting hot-dropped and losing some internet spaceships, then naming the station "Hot-Drop O'Clock", after the timely line from the EVE Video series "Clear Skies".