Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Planetary Interaction for Wspace (POS Fuels!)

A little more information leaking out from pilots grinding on Sisi since the latest patch there. In my last post, I only had a chance to look at the new graphics. After reading up on some posts, I thought I would share the information that was of most interest to me (typically) as a WSpace resident.

If the production chains on Sisi remain stable to Tyrannis, I am pretty excited to see that the NPC-supplied fuels (e.g. some of the key POS fuel elements) are included in PI:
  • Coolant
  • Enriched Uranium
  • Mechanical Parts
  • Oxygen
Kudos to SYXGeek for grinding through all production paths and compiling this list of materials that can be produced in the current PI build on Sisi.

Now if only there were Ice Belts in Wspace...

Fly Safe

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Updated Planetary Interaction

Looks like a new build was deployed to Sisi, and with it came some updates to PI, including...

New graphics for planet-type-specific Command Centers:

...and planet-specific extractors:


...and Storage Facilities:

(The new launcher is the same as the cube-shaped extractor above for now)

Looks like surveying for resources and most of the functionality previously there in the last build in terms of creating a supply chain is broken, but I dig the new graphics... Call me easy to please.

Fly Safe!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Struggling to get back into EVE

Thought I would share some introspection...

My experience with EVE has now spanned several years, and in that time I have seen my weekly play time vary substantially, peaking at some ridiculous levels back in January, where I would estimate I was playing as much as 35 hours per week. That led to RL impact and a complete burn-out.

Following a brief hiatus, I resumed with some T3 production, including deployment of a HighSec POS and billions of ISK in transaction volume. I basically ended up flooding the subsystem market for a brief period and actually influenced a downward price trend in some specific subsystems. As such, I halted my T3 production and took down the HighSec POS.

Since then, I have dabbled in evaluating the upcoming Tyrannis release on Sisi and have been keeping up with the blogosphere readings, but simply cannot get any kind of focus on EVE. I put a few hours into roaming my old LowSec plexing stomping grounds, but that territory is now rife with Faction Warfare fleets and effectively unsafe for plexing. I keep logging in, scan and visit a few regional W-spaces, deciding I don't really feel like doing anything specific, and logging off.

I was even going to join friends out at Planet Risk, but got side-tracked with some RL events. That is the most likely prospect for near-future.

I loved the recent post by Letrange RE: EVE being like Hotel California - "you can check out, but you can never leave" - very apt.

My senses tell me there will be some trigger-event that will get me back into EVE... Wonder what it will be. Completion of some critical skills (almost have carriers completed), Tyrannis release, or stumbling upon a pristine and packed W-Space? Time will tell...

Fly Safe!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Poseidon Deep Safes to be nerfed?

It appears that a fix is in the works to potentially fix a number of exploits relating to logoff, and although the Poseidon method of creating an ultra-deep safe is not specifically targeted, it nonetheless appears that ultra-deep safes will no longer be feasible.

Make those 1,000 AU deep safe spots while you can...

Fly Safe!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Seattle EVE Meet

After reading Letrange's recent post on their semi-regular meet, I am proposing a Seattle Meet - I know of at least 5 players here locally and would be fun to jabber over a few beers and some stick about EVE.

Thinking April 3rd at Belltown Billiards - any interest out there fellow Emerald City pilots?

edit: Just discovered the channel "TheSound" - all Washington State pilots.

Fly Safe.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Planetary Interaction - Deposits and Link Capacities

OK, I am back from NYC and see that there has been a lot of new information regarding Sisi testing of the new Planetary Command Center (PCC) and the related production line elements for Planetary Interaction (PI) in the upcoming Tyrannis release.

In the last post on PCC's, I linked the EVE University video, which looks at a simple production line. After reading the Sisi test forum on PI, it seems that, like any RL production chain, you will have to deal with supply chain management. Resources are harvested at different rates depending on the deposit from which you are extracting (e.g. each deposit extracts a specific amount at a specific cycle time, which varies for each deposit) and the route amount specified when connecting a route between an extractor and a Storage Facility or Processor dictates utilization rate of the route.

Each selectable Deposit factors into a specific m3/hour. In many cases, the Deposit yield rate is less than the default Link limit of 10,000 m3/hour. However, richer deposits can exceed that rate and you will get an error when attempting to establish a new route between the "rich deposit" extractor and your Storage Facility or Processor:

In these cases, you have two options: you can either reduce the Quantity specified when you establish the route OR you can upgrade the link to allow for a greater capacity.
  • The default level has a Logistical Capacity to 10,000 m3 per hour.
  • The Link Upgrade to Level I ("Local") increases the Logistical Capacity to 15,000 m3 per hour.
  • The Link Upgrade to Level II ("Basic") increases the Logistical Capacity to 22,500 m3 per hour.
  • The Link Upgrade to Level III ("Standard") increases the Logistical Capacity to 33,750 m3 per hour.
  • The Link Upgrade to Level IV ("Improved") increases the Logistical Capacity to 50,625 m3 per hour.
  • The Link Upgrade to Level V ("Fast") increases the Logistical Capacity to 75,937 m3 per hour.
  • The Link Upgrade to Level VI ("Expedited") increases the Logistical Capacity to 113,906 m3 per hour.
  • The Link Upgrade to Level VII ("Express") increases the Logistical Capacity to 170,859 m3 per hour.
  • The Link Upgrade to Level VIII ("Advanced") increases the Logistical Capacity to 256,289 m3 per hour.
  • The Link Upgrade to Level IX ("State of the Art") increases the Logistical Capacity to 384,433 m3 per hour.
  • The Link Upgrade to Level X ("Experimental") increases the Logistical Capacity to 576,650 m3 per hour.
Considering I have only found two Deposits that exceed the default, but only needed a Link upgrade to Level I, I can surmise that eventually the scanning interface will allow you to identify "monstrous" deposits worthy of significant upgrades to your links.

Below is a simple production line that produces Aluminum Nitrade, which would be considered a supply chain element (as a required input to Create Aluminum Nitrade Paste, and ultimately combined with other lines to generate Nanite Repair Paste, see below). The top-most Storage Facility stores the Aluminum Nitrade, which would later be connected as an input source to another Chemical plant to generate Nitrade Paste:

(Aluminum Nitrade Production Line)

To put it all in context, the full production line for Nanite Repair Paste (a necessary NullSec resource), with the above supply-chain identified in red, can be seen below:

Why is all of this in a Wormhole Blog and why am I blogging about it? Because PI is going to also function in W-Space, where I can effectively oversee production on multiple planets and use exit management to manage traffic through my enterprise!

edit: Please note that even CCP has stated that everything we are seeing on Sisi in terms of what is extracted, built and launched is just for example flows and that the final products produced from PI will likely be different, so don't go selling off your Nanite Repair Paste operation.

Fly Safe!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Planetary Command Center

Been reading the rare bits of information regarding the plans for planetary interaction with the upcoming summer release of Tyrannis and thought I would see what they put up on Sisi (aka Singularity), the test server.

First thing I noticed was a new highest-order market category for "Planetary Infrastructure", which has a single item, the "Planetary Command Center" (herein referred to as the PCC). I headed off a few jumps to pick up a few and see what I could sleuth out.

It seems you do not actually deploy this PCC like a POS, as there is no "deploy for corp" option. Instead, I figured out that you warp-to a planet, right-click it, and there is a menu option for "View in Planet Mode" - hmmm, that is new...try it.

OK, now we are in Planet Mode.

I can see a list of things on the left and a filter placeholder. Nothing actionable except for "Satellite Status", which toggles a Scanning box, which is currently non-functional. Assumption is that you can ultimately position the box over a specific area of the planet, scan, and get a readout on the available resources for that planetary region...

Closed the scanner.

Looks like there is a right-click context menu over the planet, which includes Build... options:

So I choose the PCC and sure enough, one goes from my cargo bay to the planet. PCC Deployed! I click on the PCC "Chevron" and a new window appears - I review the mouse-over hints for the different actions: Links, Storage, Decommission, {Build Structure}, and Launch. Clicking the Build Structure button gives us a list of extractors and processors to build, identical to the above "Build..." context menu:

Since the satellite scan is not functional, I consider the fact that this is a temperate planet, with both water and land, so I choose a Water Distillation Plant and "Build", and click over nearby Ocean - a new chevron appears - I click it and I get a new popup to replace the PCC window and it has options for Links and Products. I click Products and..."No Products Present".

OK, try all of the extractors...FAIL.

(To be continued...Flying to NYC)

edit: Actually got to my hotel tonight in NYC and had a chance to read a few blog posts, including CK's post that has a link to an EVE University video on the remaining steps.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Mighty Dreadnoughts

With my pilot training for T3 (Tengu and Proteus) to Level 5 completed, I began to consider what is next for Star Defender, my Caldari main toon. I have longer-term visions (too early to call them "plans") for Class 6 (waves at Quiv) and NullSec.

As a Caldari, he is max-skilled at all-things related to missile and shields, and I have all sentry and drone skills to max. I also have Caldari BS to max as well as a host of supporting skills relating to optimizing CPU and Power for fittings. At just over 25M skill points, I have a lot of ground covered.

That left a major fork in the proverbial road for either going "small" (Frigate/HAC PvP training) or for going big (Dread). I am edging towards going big. I have never been a big fan of carriers, but I REALLY like the looks of the Amarr Revelation.

Most of my reading to date has seen the Revelation highly recommended for a number of reasons, but to me I think it ultimately comes down to what ship I like the most, minus what ships simply do not make sense. With my max skilled drone and sentry skills, however, and with a similarly max-skilled Gallente toon (LightTraveler), the Moros is also appealing.

Although Caldari-trained, I think I am talking myself out of the Phoenix - so many comments and writings (even from current Phoenix pilots) that said if they could do it all over again they would never choose the Phoenix, although it's tank rocks.

Looking for some feedback here. I have plenty of time to make a decision, with the non-racial (e.g. common skills) to get out of the way first.

Love this video by the way:

Fly Safe!

The Expanded EVE Online Blog Pack

CK has expanded the BlogPack!

I continue to see new, great blogs being written, many of which I have been adding to my blogroll list, but it looks like most of them also made it into the EVE Blog Pack, which I think serves as a great resource for exploring the wealth of writing in this community.

Be sure to check out some of the new additions - some great In and Out of Character blogs out there...

CrazyKinux's Musing: The New, Improved and Expanded EVE Online Blog Pack

And thank you to those of you that continue to find my humble writings interesting enough to follow and comment!

Fly Safe!