Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Planetary Command Center

Been reading the rare bits of information regarding the plans for planetary interaction with the upcoming summer release of Tyrannis and thought I would see what they put up on Sisi (aka Singularity), the test server.

First thing I noticed was a new highest-order market category for "Planetary Infrastructure", which has a single item, the "Planetary Command Center" (herein referred to as the PCC). I headed off a few jumps to pick up a few and see what I could sleuth out.

It seems you do not actually deploy this PCC like a POS, as there is no "deploy for corp" option. Instead, I figured out that you warp-to a planet, right-click it, and there is a menu option for "View in Planet Mode" - hmmm, that is new...try it.

OK, now we are in Planet Mode.

I can see a list of things on the left and a filter placeholder. Nothing actionable except for "Satellite Status", which toggles a Scanning box, which is currently non-functional. Assumption is that you can ultimately position the box over a specific area of the planet, scan, and get a readout on the available resources for that planetary region...

Closed the scanner.

Looks like there is a right-click context menu over the planet, which includes Build... options:

So I choose the PCC and sure enough, one goes from my cargo bay to the planet. PCC Deployed! I click on the PCC "Chevron" and a new window appears - I review the mouse-over hints for the different actions: Links, Storage, Decommission, {Build Structure}, and Launch. Clicking the Build Structure button gives us a list of extractors and processors to build, identical to the above "Build..." context menu:

Since the satellite scan is not functional, I consider the fact that this is a temperate planet, with both water and land, so I choose a Water Distillation Plant and "Build", and click over nearby Ocean - a new chevron appears - I click it and I get a new popup to replace the PCC window and it has options for Links and Products. I click Products and..."No Products Present".

OK, try all of the extractors...FAIL.

(To be continued...Flying to NYC)

edit: Actually got to my hotel tonight in NYC and had a chance to read a few blog posts, including CK's post that has a link to an EVE University video on the remaining steps.


  1. What you have to do is right click the extractor and click "Scan for deposits".

    currently, Water, Carbon, and Silicon are not seeded on planets anywhere and any type of extractor can harvest any type of resource.

    It's still in a very early unfinished stage.

  2. Water and Carbon cant be produced yet :)

    Try Activating the satellite and filter for Argon Gas and Nocxium. If you find higher spectrum colors in places, there are deposits of either Metals or Gases (Depending on what filter you've selected)In those areas

    Argon Gas ->Nitrogen (only gas right now I think)-> Use Vapor Extractors PIN's

    Nocxium ->Metals (Gold, Silver, Aluminum)-> Use Ore Extractor PIN's

    Link and Route products to your PCC and Launch

    Theres more stuff to do with PI, But its late and I needs sleep :)

  3. I'm interested in this development. The things I'm waiting to see confirmed on are

    1) cost once the system is launched.
    2) What skills/standings are needed to operate this system
    3) Can more than one person mine a planet at a time and do the minerals respawn?

  4. Love the screenshots mate! And so I added your post to my list on PI!