Thursday, March 18, 2010

Poseidon Deep Safes to be nerfed?

It appears that a fix is in the works to potentially fix a number of exploits relating to logoff, and although the Poseidon method of creating an ultra-deep safe is not specifically targeted, it nonetheless appears that ultra-deep safes will no longer be feasible.

Make those 1,000 AU deep safe spots while you can...

Fly Safe!


  1. I'm having a "wow, I'm a noob" moment here. Poseidon Safe spots? Double logoffski? Avoiding bubbles by CTRL-Q? Yikes.

  2. or do what i do and just put on a prototype cloak and make a normal SS...
    its a LOT less work and you dont need some battleship warping around random systems setting up SSs for 'someday' you might need them

  3. The only time I've used those kinds of deep spots is when I was setting up ambushes in systems I've held. The only thing I could think of using them for is for parking a super cap out side normal scan range for when I log in. I agree with Von there about using a cloak making it a lot less work when some one try's to look for ya.

  4. Wonder if they will then auto delete all BM's significantly deeper then the outer planet?

  5. This is going to suck for me, I have a deep safe site in my wormhole with a bunch of ships and jetcans anchored there. Rather than deal with a POS my corp just has a stash 200AUs off grid where we keep salvage, industrial, and scanning ships when we are not using them. It has worked out wonderfully, is there a way to appeal the change?