Monday, March 15, 2010

Seattle EVE Meet

After reading Letrange's recent post on their semi-regular meet, I am proposing a Seattle Meet - I know of at least 5 players here locally and would be fun to jabber over a few beers and some stick about EVE.

Thinking April 3rd at Belltown Billiards - any interest out there fellow Emerald City pilots?

edit: Just discovered the channel "TheSound" - all Washington State pilots.

Fly Safe.


  1. I'll see if I can make it! although I'm 18 so a beer wont work for me :D

  2. Oh man, Ill be in Seattle for 4 days next week!


    (your comments thing wont accept my gmail account :/)

  3. /emote is sad he won't be making it to Seattle :-(

    Hopefully there will be another EVE Meet in Seattle next time I am over there (probably around June - not sure yet) :-)

  4. I live just south of Seattle and would enjoy getting together and meeting some EvE players! Just name the time bro!

    aka Vas Havar

    (send me an EvEmail anytime :)

  5. I'm down for meeting on the 3rd.

  6. I have been trolling the eve online forums for a while looking to see who in the pacific northwest played. I think it would be cool to hook up with other seattle area pilots. April 3rd is a great day for me to be able to get out and meet up. Evemail me in game when you come up with a time to meet and I will see you there.

    aka Wraith Dragonfang

  7. I'm down for a meet & greet. I'm heading to seattle twice over the next week or two. This Friday for my b-day celebrations, and Apr 1st for a concert. Coming off the Kitsap Penninsula here so if I can't make that one, I'll be around. Catch me in game as "Micheal Malone".

    Fly safe, and hopefully you get your spark back :)