Sunday, November 14, 2021

Reading up and considering returning

Wow, has it really been 10 years since Tenerifis and SI Radio and SI. Alliance?  Hard to believe so much time has passed and have seen kids grow, graduate from college, join the real world, etc.

I had a chance to re-read some of my old posts here and recall how exciting it was back when Apocrypha was released and the challenge of a totally new frontier in New Eden.   

I had that one brief stint in 2013 where I enjoyed some time in Syndicate in the JQV5-9 pocket.  Good crew down there and enjoyed a more laid-back effort building an Rorqual and selling it and some rare roams.

I re-subbed my two mains last week just for the hell of it and restarted skill training.  I forgot that my two primary toons were max'd out in almost all of their respective skill areas, with Star Defender skill all the way up to Titan and perfect refining and LightTraveler having perfect production skills and nearly-perfect fleet boosting skills.  I also had some fun reviewing the incredible blueprint library I amassed over time.  With something like 400 Billion in assets and ISK, I need to go find something to do in EVE.

So, time to start dabbling to see if and where I want to go set up.   

Safe Flying...