Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm back...

Well, after quite a long EVE hiatus, I decided to start playing again.  I had been keeping up my skill training throughout and have been keeping up on nullsec events on evenews24.com and themittani.com - interesting to see how things barely change...

I think what brought me back more than anything was the Retribution release and the wealth of new ships and fittings.  I spent some time down in Khanid/Irmalin where I had some old missioning ships from ages ago, mostly to do some random ratting and figuring out what to do next.

With some of the old SI Radio team members still maintaining our chat channel, it was good to see some familiar faces online.  Some folks have battled it out through the entire -A- campaign, others went off to one of the big powerblocks.  I am impressed how a few have amped up their WSpace game and now run C5/C6 sites with small fleets of Carriers and Dreads - these guys are making Billions per day - pretty sick (nice)!

I am settling into Syndicate - setting up with a small Alliance and getting my toons back on their feet.  I am not 100% online yet - don't want to get carried away like last time and repeat the mistakes...  If it was one thing I learned about EVE burnout, it was that you cannot let it drive your RL schedule - my online time will be based purely on leisure time, not at the whim of fleets and FCs...at least for now  ;-)

Biggest decision will be to either continue poking around Syndicate or joining up with old friends in Wspace and in the powerblock territories.

Fly Safe!