Monday, April 26, 2010

Yep, consolidating sucks

I think I have found one particular EVE function that I dislike even more than mining - consolidating.

How I keep ending up with various ships and fittings and ammo and loot all over the various reaches of EVE is intriguing. Although random exits from WSpace is obvious, I typically make sure I complete my run(s) to market or quickly grab an exit in the next day or two to "clean up". But still, I have various crap in hangars at no less that 40 stations!

I would love to clear up my Assets view - there must be some skill to be learned to be able to remotely issue "Trash It" to countless stations???

I managed to hand over my most recent WSpace to a reader (Free!) and that turned out to be good karma, as they also bought the entirety of my Large POS package (Over 1B ISK, including fuel). This saved them some ISK (I charged less than NPC/Jita) and saved me a bunch of time transporting to Jita for sale. Best of luck to the new owners of my WSpace kit...

That being said, I am all set for my move to Provi, including transferring my EXPLI and GSTN corps to alts and dropping roles in advance of joining my new brethren.

Fly Safe!

Friday, April 23, 2010

All packed up

I was able to dismantle the large POS deployment tonight and managed to hit a nice HighSec exit to The Forge region via my adjoining system. Everything was nicely uneventful and everything is at a HighSec base, 4 jumps from Jita.

Plan is to sell off all of the POS gear, including the Refineries, Hangars, Arrays, all defenses, and even the Hybrid Reactions gear. I will not be needing any of that in Provi (for now at least). Quite a bit of POS gear I have managed to collect over the last year.

Many people have asked and yes, I will still be running WSpace sites and posting to this blog about future WSpace experiences, albeit mostly C5 and C6 now and with the SI Radio team out of NullSec in a true "Mongolian" (aka Raiding Party) format.

Looking forward to getting set up - more soon...

Fly Safe

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Semi-final CCP quote on PI Outputs

Quoting from the discussion thread on the latest PI update from CCP:

CCP Soundwave: "The end rewards will come off the NPC market. Basically you'll be able to build POS structures, sov structures, POS fuel (the NPC seeded parts), T2 components (the NPC seeded parts again), station components and nanite repair paste. Might be forgetting something, but that's it I think."

I think the most surprising element here is Station Components, POS Structures and Sovereignty Structures. We already had a good indication in Nanite paste, POS Fuel and T2 Components - very pleased to see that there are more substantive structures that can be built from PI.

Shout out to Planet Risk and their Season Finale Podcast - looking forward to roaming together in Provi! If you are a WSpace dweller and have not heard about what happened to Planet Risk, you need to read and listen... Especially the piece on how the Orca got bounced from the POS and establishing an exit plan.

QP and Lum - loved the NOIR commercial BTW Lolz.

Fly Safe!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moving to NullSec

As soon as I get a good exit I am going to dismantle my Wspace POS and restage myself in NullSec.

With Dominion's Nullsec upgrades dictating rental agreements in NullSec constellations and with the upcoming Tyrannis release, and with my long-time desire to check out NullSec, I found myself thinking more about Ratting, Plexing, W-Space, and Industry from the deep reaches of Eve.

So, I am all set to sublet from a not-so-secret new sovereignty holder in nullsec that is renting a constellation. I will provide more details soon, but my biggest fear in this move is getting set up out there and then finding 500 other renters squabbling over the constellation resources ;-)

My main goal is to work with other renters and the owning alliance to procure upgrades for ratting and plexing and take a break from WSpace again. I will continue to opportunistically search for the next ideal WSpace, albeit from NullSec.

Will be interesting to see what kind of WH's spawn from NullSec - although I have heard the majority are C5+, I am eager to see if the constellation-WH model is really true and whether less-accessed C2-C4 WH's are accessible from NullSec.

Otherwise, I will be setting up shop "somewhere in Providence" and maybe starting making some use of my BPO library...

Fly Safe!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What do you do while mining?

I have not been loading grid on my statics for the past 3 days and true to form, there had not been a single jump in my Wspace for that entire time. That has allowed me to mine Arkanor in peace.

As you may have read throughout this blog, I am not a miner.

Regardless, I did train up for the occasional lack of anything else to do in WSpace and got my Covetor and T2 mining crystal skills maxed. So, I spent some idle time mining Arkanor. It wasn't that long as I was doing a few other things like inventory on my BPO collection, chatting with other pilots, and reviewing the latest updates on Sisi regarding PI.

I guess that is what full-time miners do to pass the time while your mining lasers are cycling?

Please comment on what you do while mining (and keep it PG please).

I also managed to get some WSpace chores done this morning.

A rare inbound K162 opened this morning that was nicely located near my K-Space base of operations, so I got both of my max cargo Itty V's running laps and got nearly 30,000 Arkanor plus about 750M ISK worth of loot out of my WSpace to the local station. Next time I am in KSpace I will either sell the Arkanor directly or get it to my base with 100% refine and sell the minerals.

Feels good to have all of that safely into a highsec station.

I also took the opportunity to refuel, so I am again back up to 30+ days of POS fuel.

Last night the adjoining system was unoccupied and Dotlan showed narry a single jump in 48 hours. There were 14 Sigs and over 20 sleeper sites, so I scanned down and ran the radar and mag sites before I had to logoff for the night. Hate leaving so many riches behind (exit closed overnight), but I still managed to get a pile of MNRs, datacores, and various wrecked parts.

So believe it or not, there are STILL some unoccupied C2's out there! For the record, that empty C2 system had a single static to LowSec.

Fly Safe!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Neighboring Loot and Deep Safe Nerf confirmed

After quickly replacing my trusty Domi, it was back to business. I had some nice spawns in adjoining systems via my static, including some juicy radar and mag sites.

I have had a nice run of derelict talocan ships from which the hull's are derived over the past week or so - Managed to salvage 11 of these, which breaks my record for even a packed system.

Dotlan showed I had some light traffic in my system while I was at work, but it looks like they only partially worked a Sleeper Data Sanctuary site, as the left the last 2 Sleeper BS's for me to finish up.

Plenty of Grav sites are newly spawned in my system, so if things get really scarce, I can always mine ABC's.

I was late in noticing what most of you likely already saw officially reported by CCP on the Deep Safe Nerf that will coincide with the Taranis release. I had posted previously on the Sisi observations that surmised as much. So get your ships out of those 1000AU safe spots!

I saw some good counter-posts regarding what the heck cap ships and titans will do - I think Mule captures my sentiment.

Fly Safe!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

EVE and Taxes do not mix

Expensive night, and learned another EVE lesson...Do not try to finish your taxes while your system contains hostiles.

I was getting a bit of traffic through my HighSec static and after chasing off a prober, decided to start closing it. NOTE: I use my Rokh and Domi to close WH's. They are the two largest mass ships I have.

Well, I got the WH to critical, but just as my Rokh comes back into WSpace, a HAC and Raven lock and bubble me. OK, I think I can maybe work this - I get my Alt Domi to warp in and take a shot at this now 2-on-2.

But...First problem - my Rokh is still fitted for Mining. Yes, mining. Before I was skilled up for Covetor, I mined in WSpace with my Rokh. As anyone can read in Halada's Mining Guides, Rokh is a good option if you cannot fly a mining barge. So, once my Domi warps in, I deploy ECM drones.

Second problem - another Raven and HAC uncloak. OK, now I am in trouble. I am bubbled, webbed, and cannot seem to lock the HAC. In short, Main and Alt podded back to Kspace.

So, I lost my Domi and my Rokh. That Rokh I have had for nearly 2 years and I only keep around for WH closing, since I am flying a Covetor now for Mining. So although costly, it was cost incurred ages ago and do not really count it. The Domi is just a pain to refit. Well under 100M to replace, including fittings.

I expect the losses from time to time, but when you get caught with proverbial pants down, you just want to kick yourself.

Regardless, this system has made me a cool billion ISK, so no real loss, but I get miffed when I have to spend an hour refitting.

Worst thing I did? I told the intruder earlier that he better exit the system because I was closing the hole. Just enough info for him to exit, go get a small fleet together and return for an easy catch coming into/out of the hole.

Thus, I am done being the Wspace nice guy - no more quaint warnings or free passes. Instant aggression from now on.

Luckily I always maintain current exit/entrance bookmarks and even if that fails, I always have a scanning alt in-system.

Flying now to get my main back in while I replace the Domi.

(edit - was actually a HIC and two Ravens - chalk it up to fog of battle. Also, back in system with Main and Alt - in-system scan alts are a good thing...)

Fly Safe (and smart)

Monday, April 5, 2010

System Cleared, Hitting Adjoining WSpace

Did not take long to clear all the sleeper and ladar sites. For the first time in WSpace I broke out my new Covetor, fitted with T2 Crystals. After the initial 5 minutes of "OK, I am actually mining Arkanor in WSpace", I remembered why I never really liked mining. So after about 10K of Arkanor and some Crokite for Hybrid Reactions, I decided to check out the adjoining system.

The adjoining system was (surprisingly) vacant. There were 7 sleeper sites and a ton of ladar and grav, but no Radar sites. I cleared the sleeper sites and decided enough for the night.

Although I have had a few jump-throughs in terms of system traffic, I have not really had any true hostile traffic to date. I also managed to jump out through my static HighSec and get some additional Mechanical Parts - either I left some in my hangar in the staging base or overlooked the fact that I was short (5 days left) - so the thing I can see I like already with a system with a static HighSec is truly enjoying the benefits of ready access to materials. Most of my WSpace homes have been "deep" C2/C3 and this is my first hole with a static to HighSec. A scant 10 minutes and I was back with the missing fuel and some other misc. items.

So, in terms of loot value I am somewhere around 750M for this system, but I will be keeping the MNR's, etc for T3 production. I will likely run the other/NPC loot to market tonight.

I should continue to mention the process of wormhole exit management, which is a good part of the reason I have maintained a quiet environment here in this system.

Fly Safe!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back in W-Space

Well, when luck simply hot-drops an unoccupied, Anomaly-rich C2 a mere 1 High-Sec jump from your base of operations, and you happen to have your entire POS fitting (including a month of fuel) staged and ready to go for such circumstances, it makes it comparatively easy to pull the trigger and move in 250,000m3 worth of POS gear and get it all setup.

So, I now find myself in a nice little C2 with 2 static exits to HighSec and another C2.

The WH entrance was a HighSec R943. A lookup on the dotlan wspace system traffic page for the system J# showed a scant 4 jumps in the last 24 hours and one sleeper killed. With all of the sites here, I consider that to likely be a newer pilot day-tripping it.

There is evidence of prior inhabitants in what looks like the remains of a small POS - there are a handful of small, damaged guns from a 1-pilot corp, but no POS. Looks like someone got knocked out. With no ship kills on dotlan and based on the number of spawned sites, whatever happened must not have happened recently.

With a static HighSec, I am fitting my full Large Hardened POS configuration. I expect visitors, even with good exit management.

It will take a few days of active effort to clear the sites. There are also 3 Grav sites and a Ladar site. One thing that does stand out are two of the Grav sites, which are "Uncommon Core Deposit" sites - these are typically found in higher-class wspace systems and are rich in high-end ABCs.

Might be a short stay, or long...we will see. Time will tell.

Fly Safe!