Monday, April 26, 2010

Yep, consolidating sucks

I think I have found one particular EVE function that I dislike even more than mining - consolidating.

How I keep ending up with various ships and fittings and ammo and loot all over the various reaches of EVE is intriguing. Although random exits from WSpace is obvious, I typically make sure I complete my run(s) to market or quickly grab an exit in the next day or two to "clean up". But still, I have various crap in hangars at no less that 40 stations!

I would love to clear up my Assets view - there must be some skill to be learned to be able to remotely issue "Trash It" to countless stations???

I managed to hand over my most recent WSpace to a reader (Free!) and that turned out to be good karma, as they also bought the entirety of my Large POS package (Over 1B ISK, including fuel). This saved them some ISK (I charged less than NPC/Jita) and saved me a bunch of time transporting to Jita for sale. Best of luck to the new owners of my WSpace kit...

That being said, I am all set for my move to Provi, including transferring my EXPLI and GSTN corps to alts and dropping roles in advance of joining my new brethren.

Fly Safe!


  1. You know you can do right click "Trash it" on the Assets pane, right?

  2. Thanks for the WSpace. Hopefully we will be moving in tomorrow as we also are having problems consolidating everything in one central location.

  3. Easy answer, contract it all to me and I will make sure to get it back to you real soon.


  4. Contracting is a godsend.
    I got to the point where I needed some quick burn cash, for an acquisition, and wanted it more than I wanted my ships, in some major hubs 25 hops away, in each direction of me. To round it up, fly it all (no freighter... yet), well, it would have been daunting. I sold rigged ships close to what they were on market. Made back over 500m in contracted sales alone. And also did "Hanger clearouts", netting me most back of what I had paid (some of it was mission loot). So all in all, it saves time, though I wish there was a remote repair item. If you go into "Assets", you can indeed trash stuff, but if it happens to be in empire, offload it on someone else.

    People are mashing "Get Contracts" looking for deals.

    I hear yah man,

  5. Wensley - you would think that after almost 3 years on EVE I would have known that, but...thanks for the "pro tip" hahahahah.

    GL Jake!

    Mick - you would not have wanted that Bantam and other T1 ships/fittings from 2008 anyways - not even worth reprocessing ;-)

    Good thought Glenn, thanks.