Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Neighboring Loot and Deep Safe Nerf confirmed

After quickly replacing my trusty Domi, it was back to business. I had some nice spawns in adjoining systems via my static, including some juicy radar and mag sites.

I have had a nice run of derelict talocan ships from which the hull's are derived over the past week or so - Managed to salvage 11 of these, which breaks my record for even a packed system.

Dotlan showed I had some light traffic in my system while I was at work, but it looks like they only partially worked a Sleeper Data Sanctuary site, as the left the last 2 Sleeper BS's for me to finish up.

Plenty of Grav sites are newly spawned in my system, so if things get really scarce, I can always mine ABC's.

I was late in noticing what most of you likely already saw officially reported by CCP on the Deep Safe Nerf that will coincide with the Taranis release. I had posted previously on the Sisi observations that surmised as much. So get your ships out of those 1000AU safe spots!

I saw some good counter-posts regarding what the heck cap ships and titans will do - I think Mule captures my sentiment.

Fly Safe!


  1. Mmmmmm...... Talocan Hulls.......

    Seriously though, I've yet to see one of these things in my time (I was day-tripping into WHs up to class 3 for a couple months before getting into my own). Am I just being unlucky, or are you farming them from a C3 or above?

    Also interesting about the Poseidon nerf; I remember a time when you could "bookmark" a star system to get essentially the same result, but that went a looong time ago.