Saturday, April 17, 2010

What do you do while mining?

I have not been loading grid on my statics for the past 3 days and true to form, there had not been a single jump in my Wspace for that entire time. That has allowed me to mine Arkanor in peace.

As you may have read throughout this blog, I am not a miner.

Regardless, I did train up for the occasional lack of anything else to do in WSpace and got my Covetor and T2 mining crystal skills maxed. So, I spent some idle time mining Arkanor. It wasn't that long as I was doing a few other things like inventory on my BPO collection, chatting with other pilots, and reviewing the latest updates on Sisi regarding PI.

I guess that is what full-time miners do to pass the time while your mining lasers are cycling?

Please comment on what you do while mining (and keep it PG please).

I also managed to get some WSpace chores done this morning.

A rare inbound K162 opened this morning that was nicely located near my K-Space base of operations, so I got both of my max cargo Itty V's running laps and got nearly 30,000 Arkanor plus about 750M ISK worth of loot out of my WSpace to the local station. Next time I am in KSpace I will either sell the Arkanor directly or get it to my base with 100% refine and sell the minerals.

Feels good to have all of that safely into a highsec station.

I also took the opportunity to refuel, so I am again back up to 30+ days of POS fuel.

Last night the adjoining system was unoccupied and Dotlan showed narry a single jump in 48 hours. There were 14 Sigs and over 20 sleeper sites, so I scanned down and ran the radar and mag sites before I had to logoff for the night. Hate leaving so many riches behind (exit closed overnight), but I still managed to get a pile of MNRs, datacores, and various wrecked parts.

So believe it or not, there are STILL some unoccupied C2's out there! For the record, that empty C2 system had a single static to LowSec.

Fly Safe!


  1. Luckily i have my laptop on the couch infront of my 360 so i usually play that, currently Splinter Cell Conviction :) passes the time well :)


  2. I've been watching TV shows and anime online while mining. Its probably unsafe, but I haven't lost a ship yet, and our corp doesn't touch our static unless we're coming or leaving.

  3. It depends on what kind of mining I am doing. Hi-sec mining with few pilots in the system, I'm probably looking at market stuff, skills, ships, plus maybe playing some adictive game on my cell. The few times I have done W-space mining, I was on my toes, scan scan SCAN! and about as paranoid as you could get. No time to look away. It just depends on the situation, but I only leave the keyboard for bathroom and drink breaks.

  4. Well I'm not a true miner myself but sometimes I'm not against spending an hour or two orbiting around rich asteroids, and I do it only in WH. I like listening music, chat, reading some news or spamming the d-scan because I'm paranoiac. I like it because it's a bit relaxing and even the sound of the crystals is particular...

  5. usually when I am mining, I am chatting with ppl online and/or watching amovie... Maybe looking over the forums.

  6. Because I do most of my mining in highsec I run 3 accounts on my laptop, 2 running hulks and one in an orca. That pretty much keeps me busy, but theres always time to look on evemon for skill planning (we have 5 accounts in the house more me to monitor) and the tv is on but not always being watched lol
    If I am in a wh/0.0/lowsec I drop 1 of the miners and stick with my 2 main chars and its easier to only have to watch to clients especially when they stop responding!

  7. Hey Star. Glad to hear that there are some empty WH's out there still. As far as mining goes, in my K-space days while mining I would generally be chatting with other pilots or researching the next (much) more exciting goal I had in mind.

  8. When I mine (which isn't all that often these days) its either chatting to corp mates, reading, or most often checking market orders and planning what I am doing next on the market.

  9. Sigh, comments section will not let me paste my excerpt for today's blog.

    In short, it allows me to watch tv with the wife and do some simple chores. Like fold laundry.

    If you are curious about the rest of my random thought process. Then it's


  10. I love the new Eve browser. It allows me to read blogs like this while mining.

  11. read mostly. sometimes watch a movie. but mostly reading

  12. I mash d-scan every 2 seconds waiting for CCRES to appear.

  13. Well I mine with up to 6 accounts at once (7 is my record), so I'm kept fairly busy.

    That said I usualy chat with my corp, my alts corps, etc and listen to music.

  14. Generally I sit on vent, letting folks know when their lasers have stopped cycling or their drones have 'gone on strike' (stopped mining because the hold was full. Other than that, I do what 'Anonymous' does. ;P

  15. By the comments here, I am glad CCRES wasn't around when we were in W-Space.

    As for what to do while mining, I suggest online poker. Fold, d-scan, Fold, d-scan, Raise, d-scan. Breaks up the monotony.


  16. I love spamming dscan while waiting for iambeastx or a couple sisters combat probes to appear in it.

    If you had an alt in that empty c2 i'd like to buy a route to get there, drop me a line in my profile or in my blog, or ingame: LoRDa RaMOs.

    Nice posts mate, will be adding you to my blogroll.

  17. My corporation is made up of people who work together in real life. We run mining ops at work, with an orca, a couple of hulks and a couple of retrievers.

    Basically we do the boring stuff in the background while getting paid to do real work, and then have enough ISK for doing the fun stuff when we get home.

    Seems to work out pretty well!

    Also: I love your blog.