Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moving to NullSec

As soon as I get a good exit I am going to dismantle my Wspace POS and restage myself in NullSec.

With Dominion's Nullsec upgrades dictating rental agreements in NullSec constellations and with the upcoming Tyrannis release, and with my long-time desire to check out NullSec, I found myself thinking more about Ratting, Plexing, W-Space, and Industry from the deep reaches of Eve.

So, I am all set to sublet from a not-so-secret new sovereignty holder in nullsec that is renting a constellation. I will provide more details soon, but my biggest fear in this move is getting set up out there and then finding 500 other renters squabbling over the constellation resources ;-)

My main goal is to work with other renters and the owning alliance to procure upgrades for ratting and plexing and take a break from WSpace again. I will continue to opportunistically search for the next ideal WSpace, albeit from NullSec.

Will be interesting to see what kind of WH's spawn from NullSec - although I have heard the majority are C5+, I am eager to see if the constellation-WH model is really true and whether less-accessed C2-C4 WH's are accessible from NullSec.

Otherwise, I will be setting up shop "somewhere in Providence" and maybe starting making some use of my BPO library...

Fly Safe!


  1. I have lived in the catch area for 6 months now and most of the WHs I have scanned down has been C5s. There has been a few C4s and C5s but I havent come across a C6 yet. When you live in nullsec those once useless WHs to empire becomes practical.

    Welcome to a free Providence neighbour!

  2. You wouldn't be interested in allowing someone else to move into your current wormhole, would you? If I remember correctly you said you had moved into a wormhole with some nice statics and me and my friends have not had much luck with finding an ideal wormhole system.

  3. Oh nice! Who will ye be "living" with??
    Dont associate with any of the former cva gang.. Those few that remain are the punchingbags of provi! ;)

  4. SD,

    I have heard that the upgrades require a "Base Level" of activity to start to make improvements to the I-Hub. From the ratting side I had been told its based on rats killed per day. On the Mining side by mining activity.

    Also I thought the biggest downside for the indy side was the requirement to mine the entire "static" grav sites before they would respawn.

    And I am curious, are you free to roam a certain number of systems, or confined to the one you are renting. Also are you just part of a "renter's pool".

    I can see I am going to have to start watching for you to come online and look you up.


  5. Wow congrats. It is should be interesting...both you and planet risk making the moves to null sec. Good luck on you new venture. Do you plan to keep posting to this blog...or will you be making a new blog?

  6. D-stein - thanks - looks like we may run into each other soon.

    Enyo - yes I do plan to keep posting here, as I will be continuing to run WSpace, albeit from a NullSec outpost, mixed in with NullSec plexing.

    Hmmmm very interesting that Planet Risk is also moving to NullSec...Coincidence? Hint: Birds of a feather... ;-)

    Mick - yes, the owners of our new constellation will be installing upgrades and yes that is part of the Dominion-driven driver to get folks like us in there, to maintain the upgrades. We will have free roam of the constellation. I will post more about this when I get out there.

    Anon - rest assured that I will be living with the absolute polar opposite of "punch-bags" ;-)