Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back in W-Space

Well, when luck simply hot-drops an unoccupied, Anomaly-rich C2 a mere 1 High-Sec jump from your base of operations, and you happen to have your entire POS fitting (including a month of fuel) staged and ready to go for such circumstances, it makes it comparatively easy to pull the trigger and move in 250,000m3 worth of POS gear and get it all setup.

So, I now find myself in a nice little C2 with 2 static exits to HighSec and another C2.

The WH entrance was a HighSec R943. A lookup on the dotlan wspace system traffic page for the system J# showed a scant 4 jumps in the last 24 hours and one sleeper killed. With all of the sites here, I consider that to likely be a newer pilot day-tripping it.

There is evidence of prior inhabitants in what looks like the remains of a small POS - there are a handful of small, damaged guns from a 1-pilot corp, but no POS. Looks like someone got knocked out. With no ship kills on dotlan and based on the number of spawned sites, whatever happened must not have happened recently.

With a static HighSec, I am fitting my full Large Hardened POS configuration. I expect visitors, even with good exit management.

It will take a few days of active effort to clear the sites. There are also 3 Grav sites and a Ladar site. One thing that does stand out are two of the Grav sites, which are "Uncommon Core Deposit" sites - these are typically found in higher-class wspace systems and are rich in high-end ABCs.

Might be a short stay, or long...we will see. Time will tell.

Fly Safe!


  1. Sounds like you found a very nice system. Me and three of my friends are getting ready to make the move to a wormhole partly thanks to reading your blog. Now if we can only get lucky enough to find one with high sec and C2 statics.

  2. I'd be excited for you if ABC prices haven't fallen so far :P
    I'd recommend keeping your ore until tyrannis when the new ABCs get lowend minerals added to them to make them profitable again

  3. Welcome back to W-Space!

    I'm not 100%, but I THINK that damaged guns and no tower means it got forcibly removed, as you can't unanchor a tower without first unanchoring all other structures.

    Looking forward to hearing more.

    Fly straight!

  4. - Thanks Minuit, I now feel rusty after a mere couple of weeks. Corrected post. Thanks.

    Jake - Best of Luck!

    VonBargen - Word. Stockpile.

  5. Was certain I knew which wh you had jumped into as I found a system very much like the one you described the other day, so good in fact I left a scanning alt just in case. Checked Dotlan and no recent activity so I guess it's not yours!

    Just wanted to say thanks for a Great blog, it's always very useful and your tip about not opening WH exits has been very useful, I hardly ever get any unannounced "Guests" anymore!

    I normally read via Capsuleer so don't often get a chance to comment but I'm glad you're back in WH space and looking forward to new posts.

  6. Hey Star, at this point I've read almost all of your posts and you have inspired me to give this all a go. Not only testing out WH space, but to chronicle it all in a blog. I found reading your posts to be, not only helpful in helping me prepare, but extremely entertaining. I love writing so I thought I would mimic your strategy here and just write about my experience. Thanks for the inspiration to start this :D

    Btw...shameless plug...the blog is gonna be at

    Hope you check in from time to time and let me know how I'm doing :)

  7. Hey Star Defender,

    Nice to see you back in business! Your blog has inspired me to get back into the game to check out wormholes. I haven't been an active player since 2007, except the odd missioning, skill changing... but like you, a decent class 2 happened to spawn at my base of operations where I had been staging equipment and supplies, so I figured that was a sign! Good luck, and nice to see you back in the saddle!

  8. Bizarre twist - these last 3 comments appeared today in my "New Comments" section for blogspot. Bizarro.