Thursday, April 22, 2010

Semi-final CCP quote on PI Outputs

Quoting from the discussion thread on the latest PI update from CCP:

CCP Soundwave: "The end rewards will come off the NPC market. Basically you'll be able to build POS structures, sov structures, POS fuel (the NPC seeded parts), T2 components (the NPC seeded parts again), station components and nanite repair paste. Might be forgetting something, but that's it I think."

I think the most surprising element here is Station Components, POS Structures and Sovereignty Structures. We already had a good indication in Nanite paste, POS Fuel and T2 Components - very pleased to see that there are more substantive structures that can be built from PI.

Shout out to Planet Risk and their Season Finale Podcast - looking forward to roaming together in Provi! If you are a WSpace dweller and have not heard about what happened to Planet Risk, you need to read and listen... Especially the piece on how the Orca got bounced from the POS and establishing an exit plan.

QP and Lum - loved the NOIR commercial BTW Lolz.

Fly Safe!


  1. IM LOVING THAT WE CAN BUILD POS'S... now they just need to revise the pos sizes and designs

  2. Hey SD! Thanks for the plug!

    Note for your readers: We are also recruiting - listen to the show for details (soon to be a blog about it as well) :-)
    ... Yes shameless plugs I know :-p

    Regarding PI: These are VERY interesting news indeed!

    /emote thinks about how to get sov in a couple of solar systems to exploit the planetary interaction...