Friday, April 23, 2010

All packed up

I was able to dismantle the large POS deployment tonight and managed to hit a nice HighSec exit to The Forge region via my adjoining system. Everything was nicely uneventful and everything is at a HighSec base, 4 jumps from Jita.

Plan is to sell off all of the POS gear, including the Refineries, Hangars, Arrays, all defenses, and even the Hybrid Reactions gear. I will not be needing any of that in Provi (for now at least). Quite a bit of POS gear I have managed to collect over the last year.

Many people have asked and yes, I will still be running WSpace sites and posting to this blog about future WSpace experiences, albeit mostly C5 and C6 now and with the SI Radio team out of NullSec in a true "Mongolian" (aka Raiding Party) format.

Looking forward to getting set up - more soon...

Fly Safe


  1. Way to go Genghis =P
    We "donated" our POS equipment to R&K.. ehehehehe

  2. How long did it take you to dismantle your large POS setup?

  3. About 3 hours total to offline and transport everything to HighSec. Sitting cloaked for the last hour at a safe waiting for the POS to unanchor.

  4. Say hello to us when you cross F-Y in provi. :-)

  5. Jump Freighters are our friends... ;-)

  6. From what you've said, I summize you are joining our alliance. Look forward to welcoming you in system. We have a good group down here. :)