Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pushed out of Detorid

Well, we did not have to wait too long to see if there was going to be a real challenge to opportunistically capturing Sov in Detorid.

United Pod Service, RED.Legion, Waterboard and more have decided to purge Detorid. So, after all of that grinding to clear and take Sov, we just as quickly gave it up.

"We didn't want that space anyways" Lolol.

Of course we did, but the SOB-led coalition never really organized in a materially-effective manner, which made the process of kicking SOB out relatively easy (SOB did not even show up to defend critical strategic assets!?!?), which made the rest of Detorid fall like a proverbial house of cards.

Not sure what to make of SOB's efforts in Detorid. It looked at first like they were put in place to organize, parcel-out and defend Detorid, but things were so rushed that there was no real C&C put in place from the start, which made defending against large fleets nearly impossible. Imperial Order did a pretty good job of stepping into the SOB vacuum and trying to save Detorid, but I personally think that by the time IO really got involved, the momentum had already decided the fate of Detorid.

Learned a ton, including the need to quickly establish clear communications for joint CTA efforts and that in hindsight, a gradual expansion into Detorid may have been wiser, but it was sure fun.

It will be interesting to see just how far DRF and associates will push, and to what extent the coalition will do to either hold in Tenerifis or to push back into Detorid.

Regardless, it has been interesting and certainly more eventful than ever. I do pine for the days when things are more stable and we can do non-sov "good fights" rather than large fleet battles.

Fly Safe!?