Monday, April 5, 2010

System Cleared, Hitting Adjoining WSpace

Did not take long to clear all the sleeper and ladar sites. For the first time in WSpace I broke out my new Covetor, fitted with T2 Crystals. After the initial 5 minutes of "OK, I am actually mining Arkanor in WSpace", I remembered why I never really liked mining. So after about 10K of Arkanor and some Crokite for Hybrid Reactions, I decided to check out the adjoining system.

The adjoining system was (surprisingly) vacant. There were 7 sleeper sites and a ton of ladar and grav, but no Radar sites. I cleared the sleeper sites and decided enough for the night.

Although I have had a few jump-throughs in terms of system traffic, I have not really had any true hostile traffic to date. I also managed to jump out through my static HighSec and get some additional Mechanical Parts - either I left some in my hangar in the staging base or overlooked the fact that I was short (5 days left) - so the thing I can see I like already with a system with a static HighSec is truly enjoying the benefits of ready access to materials. Most of my WSpace homes have been "deep" C2/C3 and this is my first hole with a static to HighSec. A scant 10 minutes and I was back with the missing fuel and some other misc. items.

So, in terms of loot value I am somewhere around 750M for this system, but I will be keeping the MNR's, etc for T3 production. I will likely run the other/NPC loot to market tonight.

I should continue to mention the process of wormhole exit management, which is a good part of the reason I have maintained a quiet environment here in this system.

Fly Safe!


  1. That's awesome that you found another vacant system. I'm having all kinds of trouble finding an unoccupied one.

  2. We have been 6 months in wormholes and this is our 3rd hole. We are living in what has been an ideal setup for us and I will explain why I feel so. Our present home is a class 2 with static to a class 1 and one to hi sec.

    The class 2 is easy enough to solo the combat sites but still gives decent drops. The class 1 offers access to holes that have the least population and so has plenty of targets left in them usually. This changes every 16 hours or so and access to our hole from them is limited to battlecruisers and below. The only drawback to this is we can't bring covetors in there to mine should we be VERY bored!

    The hi sec has easy access to all the needs of wh living without any of the usual hassles. This coupled with the usual lack of experience of the probers from k space makes them likely targets vs us being the targets. We found with a lo sec staic we were often confronted with very experienced pvp'ers. It is much better to be the hunter than it is to be the hunted!

    We continue working towards our ultimate goal of tech 3 production. Along the way the 3 of us have had a blast and been made very wealthy. Good luck to you in your new home!!

  3. Several years ago retired EVE player trying to get head around wormholes: I read in one of the wormhole guides that a static high sec exit was discouraged because it brings lots of traffic, but I understand that your method of wormhole management is to not load the grid of the high sec static in your wormhole so it is only opens on the high sec side when you go through it to get stuff from the outside (and then you close it when you are done and let it respawn)? Although you have other wormholes randomly spawning that might be coming from anywhere, you are quickly closing them when they spawn to make sure only your unloaded statics, which are not opened on the other side, are around?

  4. Just like to say I'm loving the blog man!! Reading about your adventures got me back into EVE, and into WHs.

    My mate and I have just moved into our first WH and are loving the life. The tips I got from here have been invaluable!

    @ REve Blogger: Keep looking, I found an unoccupied C2 about 6 weeks ago, just before I was ready to buy the POS and fuel. Agonised over whether I should go for it or not (I ended up not) and then spent the last month cursing my decision, especially when Star siad he'd just moved back out. Then, 2 days later, my current home fell in my lap.

    "All we need is just a little patience....."

  5. Anon - yep, that about sums it up, including the caveat regarding K162's opening locally.

    To be clear, the consensus appears to be solely "loading grid", meaning you do not need to jump through to open the K162 on the other side, but rather it occurs simply by warping-to the WH (e.g. loading grid).

    And yes, If I am going to be working a number of Ladar, Sleeper or Grav sites, I will close all "unloaded" WH's - when I do this, my system traffic goes to nill unless an "inbound" K162 opens. I keep a probe out to constantly monitor for new WH's for this case.

  6. Zor - good to hear about your return - drop me a line some time or post another comment about your Wspace.

  7. Just a comment about the unoccupied adjacent holes....

    One of the things we do is a) consider closing the hole, do your mass calculations, while they are not going to be 100% the actual value it is close enough if you use an oca per say ( with guards nearby...thinks Falcon.)

    For instance we have a static class 2 from our class 4, thats it. Its always a 2 billion mas limit, we jump two orca pilots ( increase to more if we need to be quick) 1 at a time (Very important do not jump two simultaneously...or you'll regret the result). and after 4 round trips total the wormhole collapses.

    So you can do that to "Farm" a good wormhole.

    The other thing we do is we use dotlan maps to check the target system, we use directional scan to locate the POS and determine...are these guys active or currently tucked away in bed.

    Often the adjacent wormholes we get are from people in other time zones, or maybe they are just using it occasionally and not active...we raid at least 1 wormhole per day that is occupied yet no one is home when we do it.

    The key is having people on the directional (always anyway), knowing what traffic was in the system and know who your visiting.

    One last tip, when in doubt we often check battle clinic to see what kind of activity we can see on the kill boards, all in all its about gathering the right intel and watchnig your six.

    Fly safe


  8. I was the anonymous asking about wormhole management above. Thanks for the response, Star Defender.

    I wanted to be clear because I was following the discussion about whether what you were doing was an exploit or at least at odds with the intent of rules, but I don't think it is. You are having to do a lot of work to monitor and close the wormholes and you can still have a inbound open randomly that you miss for some amount of time when you are on or a lot of time when you are off. Therefore, I view what you are doing as 'vigilant patrolling' rather than you arbitrarily making your own sandbox as someone else alleged. It's kind of neat because you have turned exploration into a patrol task instead of just a find things task.

  9. Star,
    It's a C2 with 2 statics: Hi-sec and C1. I've only been in since Easter, but already pulled about 300M ISK out of the hole, just in MNRs and Sleeper loot. I'm looking at moving toward some T3 production at some point, when the cash allows it.
    I'm curious though, while (obviously) a large POS would be able to run the Hybrid reactions and such needed for T3, what would you think of 2 medium POSs? I've got the one we're using as a base at present, and while it appears obvious I can afford a large POS in a couple weeks I'm just wondering whether it's worth the anchoring time :-)