Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Planetary Interaction for Wspace (POS Fuels!)

A little more information leaking out from pilots grinding on Sisi since the latest patch there. In my last post, I only had a chance to look at the new graphics. After reading up on some posts, I thought I would share the information that was of most interest to me (typically) as a WSpace resident.

If the production chains on Sisi remain stable to Tyrannis, I am pretty excited to see that the NPC-supplied fuels (e.g. some of the key POS fuel elements) are included in PI:
  • Coolant
  • Enriched Uranium
  • Mechanical Parts
  • Oxygen
Kudos to SYXGeek for grinding through all production paths and compiling this list of materials that can be produced in the current PI build on Sisi.

Now if only there were Ice Belts in Wspace...

Fly Safe


  1. Oxygen is on the list as well :)

  2. very very very interesting.
    Actually a part of my wallet vanishes because i have to buy (every two weeks) the fuel for the pos. If the planets inside the wormhole are able to refill my pos with the material i extract from them... it means that i don't have to go out neither for that (or maybe just for a few things)

  3. Lets do moving Comets! Mackinaw with MWD's and Overdrives with cap boosters FTW!!

    Don't forget Robotics too.

    How much PI effort is required to produce enough fuel to keep a POS going? Must one use the 15 minute extraction cycle and max out processors, 23 x 7?