Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Struggling to get back into EVE

Thought I would share some introspection...

My experience with EVE has now spanned several years, and in that time I have seen my weekly play time vary substantially, peaking at some ridiculous levels back in January, where I would estimate I was playing as much as 35 hours per week. That led to RL impact and a complete burn-out.

Following a brief hiatus, I resumed with some T3 production, including deployment of a HighSec POS and billions of ISK in transaction volume. I basically ended up flooding the subsystem market for a brief period and actually influenced a downward price trend in some specific subsystems. As such, I halted my T3 production and took down the HighSec POS.

Since then, I have dabbled in evaluating the upcoming Tyrannis release on Sisi and have been keeping up with the blogosphere readings, but simply cannot get any kind of focus on EVE. I put a few hours into roaming my old LowSec plexing stomping grounds, but that territory is now rife with Faction Warfare fleets and effectively unsafe for plexing. I keep logging in, scan and visit a few regional W-spaces, deciding I don't really feel like doing anything specific, and logging off.

I was even going to join friends out at Planet Risk, but got side-tracked with some RL events. That is the most likely prospect for near-future.

I loved the recent post by Letrange RE: EVE being like Hotel California - "you can check out, but you can never leave" - very apt.

My senses tell me there will be some trigger-event that will get me back into EVE... Wonder what it will be. Completion of some critical skills (almost have carriers completed), Tyrannis release, or stumbling upon a pristine and packed W-Space? Time will tell...

Fly Safe!


  1. I hear ya man... the same thing has happened to me many a times... I'm never positive what re-triggers my interest, but it sometimes spikes. Probably has something to do with astrology, or geology, or optometry... *trails off*

  2. Well I for on elook forward to whatever gets you to return.

    Myself, I sense a "make-or-break" event in the next expansion with the planet stuff. Either it will make enough isk to generate the cost of a POS and make W-space living at least break even with little activity, or it won't and I will have to look for a different path.

    All I know is right now I have not logged on the Orca pilot in about a week, and have not shot a rock in about that long either.

    Take Care and look forward to your return.


  3. It happens to us all. Sometimes, you just need to stand back, swap training, and as Spring is almost upon us - get outside. Your toons will always be there, always. :-)

  4. It sounds to me like you need is first, some rest, and second, a new goal. Maybe you should try to wipe out Atlas and AAA alliance all by yourself ;D

  5. I have been playing since 06 and I can say I have been down this road many occasions and get burnt out for a little bit. I usually go and play some other games and go party with friends when I get like that. I just log in long enough to change skills and take off. Since I have been on hiatus for a year I can't wait to get back into the game. I had to stop playing because of RL and never got a chance to do the WH stuff when it came out. Can't wait to have my chance at it.

  6. It is the same for me, best of wishes to you and the burnout, may Tyrannis reel us back :)