Sunday, October 25, 2009

Imminent Return

My system has been returned from the manufacturer, but more RL travel will extend my return to EVE for another week while I head out to NY this week. Shout out to the folks from my London trip last week...

All of my W-Space gear is gathering proverbial dust, but ready to go. In the meantime, I am training up my Caldari main for T3!

Be back in W-space Soon(tm).


  1. Be back soon!

    Love your tales.. tried some myself this last week but was a little too strict for me.
    (you are somewhat limited with things to do in a hole) :)

  2. Just wanted to drop you a line about how interesting it's been reading your adventures on and off, and I too have taken inspiration from it :)

    Must say though, going back into w-space with a Proteus is a lot different from when it's new territory and your in a lowly Myrmidon.

  3. Kath - Thanks. Looking forward to getting back. Nice move up to the Proteus. Would love to hear about your Proteus experiences and how it has improved your W-space efforts.

  4. I was thinking about hitting WH space in a Raven and a Domi. Any thoughts on this setup? Domi would be the tank, Raven DPS.


  5. Yeah, Proteus took me a while being the Industrialist I am... but even with my moderately-improved gunnery etc. skills, it's got an awesome tank on it. I've been able to solo combat sites that I would have dreaded going into with my Myrm.

    The hole we shacked up in seems to have been a motherload of ladar sites and not much else, it's starting to dry up so the tower will probably get yanked out tonight or tomorrow. Fuel's hitting the 7-day mark anyway :)

    Most annoying thing is going to be the trip from Gallente space to Khanid & Amarr space, as I swear every time I've gone into w-space... the subsequent exits are always for Amarr. I've never seen a Caldari exit, and only seen a Minmatar one once. Tis going to be one long and lonely freighter trip for my alt :(