Monday, May 24, 2010

Settling in (in Provi)

As you can tell, my WSpace posts have dried up lately. That is primarily due to the fact that I have been helping the corp prepare for WSpace operations out of our new base in Providence. Although we have not begun running full fleet ops yet, I have managed to be opportunistic to regional Class 3 WH's popping up from time to time and "day tripping" in to run a few sites.

My big surprise the other day running a Class 3 with a corpmate was the relatively normal Melted Nano drop rate but the extremely high "Blue Salvage" (e.g. NPC Buy Order salvage) - it amounted to 3x the total yield from T3 sleeper salvage. I had not heard of changes in drop rates, so I will chalk it up to pure chance for now.

For those interested, this is my first foray into a "large" (50+) member corp. This is also my first venture into being based out of Null-sec. As such, learning about regional Intelligence channels, joining roams, avoiding roaming hostile gangs, etc. has quickly become commonplace, and I am enjoying it immensely. Getting used to communicating on Vent is also new, and has spurred some funny exchanges with Mrs. Star Defender.

Wormhole Ops starting soon(tm)...

Fly Safe


  1. Glad to hear your enjoying yourself :) ZeroZero can be a lot of fun or an absolute nightmare lol...


  2. Good luck to you down there, the region served me well.

  3. Being somewhat new to wh ops, your blog has been a must read and I have done so from begining to end.. although I havent read the comments 'yet'.

    I have however been part of many a 'mega' corp/alliance and I wish you the best. It is definately a source of heart pounding when things go errant.

    Please keep up your posts, as many of us look forward to them.

    - Dv8Mutt

  4. Dave/Dv8 - Thanks for the post and for reading. The comments on many of the posts have been some of the best parts of this blog, so definitely go back and review comments.

    Good luck with WH Ops!