Thursday, August 19, 2010

SIR Recruiting opens in September

Whether you have spent months or years in NullSec or are thinking about trying out Null for the first time, there is a good opportunity to join a fun crew in the heart of Providence when our recruitment re-opens in September.

An early Corp post is here, but I wanted to mention a few personal observations about life in H-K. First off, I will refer back to my post on one of my toons finally getting started in PvP - I have the taste for it now, and let me tell you, it sticks. All I ever seem to want to do now is set up a camp or participate in a roam or protect the H-K pocket against hostiles.

Now that I have been to NullSec, it is actually hard to see myself ever returning to Concord space. I really enjoyed past years in LowSec and profited greatly from WSpace, but getting involved in NullSec was one of the best moves I have made.

I have a vested interest in growing our US Timezone membership (I am west coast/Seattle), so if you have any questions or have an interest, feel free to EveMail or convo LightTraveler or Star Defender.

T3 and Logistics-capable pilots are likely going to get a preferred look, based on the fact that the bulk of the corp ISK will be made in Class 4+ Wormhole daytrips, so if you are growing weary of WSpace colonization but enjoy the rewards of WSpace, you will enjoy taking down REAL sleepers in these higher-class sleeper territories...

However, that may not be a critical requirement - final details on recruitment and minimum skills will unfold when we officially open recruitment.

My favorite new ship - Blackbird. Scripted to permajam from 120km, I am loving this ship. It is arguably the ugliest damn ship in Eve, but it continues to be effective in camps and saving my bacon.

Fly Safe (or not...)


  1. Yeah, I'm a PST player myself. It often feels to me like the time I play, about 0400 to 0700 Eve time, is Eve's most quiet time. The East Coasters have gone to bed, and the Euros aren't up yet. There's a few from AK and HA, and from ANZAC, but it's not enough.

  2. FIRST!?!? I've definatly been eying to join you guys, or NOIR. for the past year. Luckily September is when im going to get regular internet service back in my new apartment.