Sunday, February 13, 2022

TEST and Outer Passage with Ni Industries

 After a brief transition period where I consolidated my holdings around EVE and began re-familiarizing myself with all of the feature changes since I last played, I am now settled into Outer Passage with the Ni Industries corporation.

I found their post on the recruiting forum, essentially targeting returning veteran players, and subsequently found it to be a very successful recruiting strategy.   It's amazing to see a corporation with good and flexible leadership,  pushing the boundaries of new content for its members.  With so many veteran players like myself, most of us have accumulated significant wealth, and with it comes more focus on content vs income, which unlocks a lot of opportunity to be liberal with funding new projects and pursuing new content.

A key selling point for me was stability, a new area of EVE space I had never been, and opportunities to explore new content (for me), such as the new moon mining mechanics, readily-available and bountiful high-end ice mining, and options to get involved again in Fleet PvP including Black-Ops.  All of this and more available with this Corp so decided to give it a run, and can't be happier about the decision.   The Corp is growing rapidly and we have moons popping every two days, ranging from R4 to Double R-64!   If you are a multi-account miner that embraces EVE-O, then this is paradise.

My only disappointment so far has been the enormous changes in capital ship construction materials and the ore availability changes that effectively mean that you can no longer build 100% from local (region) resources/materials.  For example, not having access to Tritanium in NullSec is ridiculous IMHO, but the EVE economists are clearly trying to mix up the cross-region dependencies and everything adjusts accordingly.  But for players like myself that like to make EVERYTHING in the capital build chain, we must now rely on markets for a considerable portion of materials.  This is the first major change I can remember being very disappointed with in the long history of EVE mechanics changes over time. 

As a result, I have initially been focusing my efforts on Reactions and Components, supporting the Corp and Alliance supply-chain where I can, while considering what my next big project will be.   With Corp members building everything from Exhumers/Orcas/Rorquals to Sins, it looks like it is going to be a fun ride.

Recruiting page link here.

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