Wednesday, July 14, 2010

LightTraveler grows fangs

Been a while since I have posted, particularly because I felt like I did not have anything new or informative to share.

However, as several blog followers and also corp-mates have mentioned recently: "What do you mean you have nothing to share? What about your new NullSec and PvP experiences?".

Well, although it may certainly not be informative, it would nonetheless be a chronicle of my experience in nullsec/Providence. So, here is a quick update on all-things Provi (while trying hard not to give up any sensitive info).

As most know by now, I have joined up with my long-time WSpace friends and allies over at SI Radio Corp/Planet Risk. We are located in Providence, specifically in the H-K4WA constellation. We have a unique relationship there with NOIR., and reside in the pocket with the LSS Alliance.

We are a large enough corp to essentially field a squad 24/7, which allows us to defend the pocket and make regional roams around Provi. For a NullSec n00b like me, that has meant diving head-first into PvP, an area where I am untested.

My first experience in Provi was simply to get settled in and get everything I felt I needed/wanted down in Provi relocated from HighSec. The first lesson learned, as in real life, don't overpack. If you are going to join a Nullsec corp that provides ships and fittings for Ops, then you probably do NOT need to bring every ship in your personal arsenal. I simply brought down a CovOps, a Drake, and Domi, and a Viator. I also constructed one of my Tengu kits once I got down there. My biggest mistake was bringing a good portion of my invention and production goods - we already have ample industrialists in the corp, and essentially anything you need, you corp mail the request to have it baked.

Once I got settled, the first thing I did was make 3 safespots in every system in the HK pocket, the "pipeline" to Mista, and the surrounding Provi systems.

Next, I simply began running local anom's in the pocket, as we were trying to max out our military index. Plenty of ISK in NullSec to be made on running NPC sites, especially when you get your system index up to max and you can run top-end, respawning sites over...and over...and over, etc. We also get wormhole spawns, which are quickly capitalized upon and squeezed for max possible ISK extraction ;-P

I was in the pocket maybe for a week when I felt the pull of PvP. Every time a neutral enter the pocket, the local Intel channels lit up and small squads were formed to nail the intruder(s). It was obvious that most of the regional veterans had a well-practiced protocol, with pre-assigned roles, ships, etc.

I really wanted to participate, but thought I could add little value. That is until I realized I could immediately join as a scout. With all of my covert ops skills and practiced hand at dodging gatecamps and cloak-warp trickery, I began asking to join SI Radio and NOIR. roams as a scout. I quickly began learning the vernacular and protocol of joining fleets and stepping into a role. I participated more and more as the pilot that gets sent several systems ahead of the roam to report back intel to the fleet. It was an easy fit to be the slippery pilot that can avoid getting killed while scanning down potential targets and reporting back to the fleet.

However, reporting intel successfully also means that you are also not getting in on the battles (and of course killmails). I would occasionally be in a position to watch the battles unfold, but with no offensive or defensive capabilities, I could not get in directly on the action. Thus began my PvP skill training crash course. My main and Alt began a new skill training regiment. One for tackling skills, the other as an EWAR master.

Roll forward 2 months and I have now participated in more than 2 dozen roams and ops, and have been able to continue to add value as a scout, but I have begun introducing my favorite ship of the moment - the trusty Rifter, in some of the more recent ops. I have even managed to collect a perfect record of 7 Kills, 0 Losses! I attribute the perfect score to PURE LUCK as and/or simply not being important or expensive enough to bother targeting. Lolz.

But LightTraveler has been officially blooded, and he likes it...immensely. I get it now. I can now at least understand all of those pilots that flame the industrialists for not embracing Eve for what they see as the only thing to do in Eve: Kill, attack, pillage. It is certainly a rush, getting that lock, webbing and warp scrambling the target, even catching the pod and sending the pilot to his next clone. I still think that Eve is more than just PvP, but now that I have (finally) tasted that aspect of Eve, I can certainly say I have been missing out on a lot of fun. Until now...

Shout out to my corp-mates for helping LT grow fangs and taste the blood of the enemy...

Fly Safe?!?!


  1. o/

    Good to see your alive and kicking! I've made a point to get a weekly dose of PvP in my EvE diet, such a wonderful thing isn't it?

    O/ Fly Safe

  2. Good post and very useful. I was just reading a post on another blog decrying the unending losses and lack of ISK-making opportunities to replace said losses in a 0.0 corp. This post balances that view nicely. Sounds like you've got a great group and a good thing going.

  3. Sounds like alot of fun, Star Defender! Thanks for writing, have been looking forward to your next post. I've considered trying to lease a system for my corp, but we're probably just not big enough for it. Still looking for that unoccupied WH, have yet to find any we can handle. I'm still looking.

    /wave Dwarf Paladin!

  4. Weekly dose - well put Dwarf!

    Thanks Latro - I should have also noted that the system upgrades have been critical, as is maintaining the military index at max, otherwise the profitable NPC sites would not be spawning, so if you were in a nullsec, "time-sharing" corp that did not have local system upgrades, then it would indeed be tough.

    Thanks Heathen - best of luck on your search.

  5. Just a word of warning. My corp went to rent a system from the Red Alliance, put a sizeable down payment (15 bil if I remember correctly) & the just took the isk & ran. Stopped accepting convos, etc. Make sure you can trust (that's, Eve) who you give your isk too.

  6. 15B ISK for system rental is ridiculous. Even if the executor corp had installed every major system upgrade for anoms and sigs and ratting, that amount is just astronomical. LSS charges a flat 100M per month for a corp. That is a far cry from 15 Billion.

    Don't forget, a key reason for renting your pocket to other corps is to maintain the applicable indexes, such that when the executor corp wants to rat, mine, etc. they have immediate access to the best resources. It should be a win-win. Sorry to hear about your Red Alliance experience.

  7. It's been a while since you've blogged here. Do you have another blog somewhere else chronicalling your nullsec experiences?

  8. Anon - negative. The summer bug has hit me and, like many other pilots, I have reduced my Eve time substantially for the summer.

    Thanks for reading - will get more active thie Fall...

  9. Hey - really like this post and linked it to my Blog. I'm dwelling at Keep up the good work o/