Thursday, July 1, 2010

PI: KSpace versus WSpace Planet Yields

I have surveyed more than 300 planets in HighSec and LowSec to date, and have recently been surveying the WSpace's that have been spawning out of the Provi area.

Although there are some obvious increases in resource yields when you dive deeper into LowSec, the increase is nothing when compared to the increase in resource yields you see in most WH systems.

For the more abundant resources, there is certainly no lack of supply in LowSec or WSpace. So talking specifically about the rarest resources (Felsic Magma, Reactive Gas, and Autotrophs), of the last 10 or so WH systems I have surveyed, at least 6 of them have seen amazing yields for these rare resources. I have begun measuring resource availability on a rough percentage scale when viewing Planet Mode in the scan tab, where you are looking at the horizontal resource bars. Most High and LowSec Lava planets, for example, show Felsic Magma in the 0-20% range. The last 4 WSpace lava planets I have surveyed have consistently had in excess of 60%. We actually had a Class 3 Wspace open this week that had every planet, including 2 temperate and 2 Lava. This system had Felsic, Reactive, and Autotrophs over 75%.

If not for the fact that the C3 system had only a single static to NullSec, it would have been the most ideal PI system I have seen to date.

Bottom Line: it clearly looks to me like WSpace is the best location for PI. You do not even need a POS. Drop in a scanning Alt and a Hauler Alt, either one skilled for PI, and you can configure your resource chains for maintenance every 2-3 days.

Fly Safe!


  1. Very true, though I wonder how that compares to nullsec? You said you're scanning WHs that spawn in Providence, so what about the planets there?

    I wonder if truesec has an effect on it, hm.

  2. Aye, thats what I been doing.

    My alt is out there in a cloaked hauler with probe-launcher.

    And there he shall remain until he is full, but I got plenty of room cpu-wise on the planets so he can just put up a silo and store until I decide to drop off.

    -Welcome back btw.. I too started writing again, too sunny outside for you too? :)

  3. Glad to see you blogging again!

  4. Just stumbled across your blog- brilliant read thanks! It's now bookmarked :-)

    Just debating whether to get back into eve. I left it with only 50 mil and a sleeper fit domi :-)

    Baby on the way so my time would be limited... but i DO love W-space!

  5. Thanks CK ;-)

    Barkon - glad you found the blog - hope it helps you rejoin the Eve community!

    Yar - heheheh. Is that what the glowing orb in the sky is? I had forgotten... ;-)

  6. So SO tempted to resub... may do next month just to see how things are in the game...

    Hopefully i've left myself enough isk to refit my domi and get back into w-space!

    If i get on next month anyone feel free to add me - i'm a sociable little fella!

  7. You really found an unPOS'd C3? 22 Days and still looking. I'm in a C4 that's active with players (strangers) but drops to a C3 and every single one has been POS'd. The other players are closing at least 2 C3 links a day and I go ninja it to have a look.

  8. Yep, but pay special attention to my comment on the fact that the only static was to NullSec - that means this particular WSpace is floating around NullSec, not LowSec, so finding it would be rare...

  9. hi.

    I just fisnished setting up a PI operation in a class 2 Wh. In about 12-24 h I will get back to you with some actual numbers, but i can tell you from now that in 24 hours i'm making profit :)

    3 planets populated. (gas, lava, temp)

  10. The 50,000ft "scans" (the white bars) are essentially useless. They only show the total amount of a resource on a planet. In some instances, the material is so peanut-buttered all over the planet, that the hotspots are, in-fact, quite weak. OTOH, some planets with minimal scores (like felsic magma) have some very hot, hotspots indeed. There's pretty much a 1 to 1 relationship between the upper end of the heatmap scan (where a hotspot goes red), and the amount you'll be able to extract. i.e. if the hotspot you care about goes away at the 70% mark, odds are that the extraction rate will be around 1800 (give or take) for a 23hr cycle.

    I've just finished setting up a bunch of colonies in a 0.2 system to produce some favored P1s, and a P3. I should be able to pay for plex with PI products alone. We'll see how much work it turns out to be.