Monday, February 21, 2011

Looong Blog Hiatus

Wow, has it really been 6 months since my last post?

With the move to NullSec and thus the end of my wormhole days came the end of my frequent postings and musings about WSpace, but I continue to learn something new every day in NullSec.

The obvious question is obvious: Do I continue to post about what I am learning in NullSec in a blog created specifically to capture WSpace experiences?

After some thought, the answer is no. I would rather keep this blog for capturing future Wormhole-Fu as a part of my corporation's practices on accessing and draining high-end C5/C6 WSpace from our NullSec base of operations. However, with our recent relocation to Tenerifis, our WSpace Ops are on pause until we get fully settled. The WSpace fleet is ready to go, awaiting the dust to proverbially settle.

If I had not said this before, here it is: I love NullSec. The resources are rich (depending of course WHERE you are in NullSec), there is always PvP available, and you have no limitations on trying new things.

List of new things I have been doing in NullSec:
  • Moon Goo Harvesting
  • Extensive PI (most of nullsec PI resources are on par with WSpace)
  • Heavy Interdictor (Onyx) Piloting
  • ECM (Blackbird) Piloting
  • Bomber Piloting
  • All-things Sovereignty - e.g Defensive systems (like cyno jamming), iHub Upgrades, Station Upgrades
  • Diplomacy - e.g. establishing Blue/NAP/NSP/Supplier relationships with local and regional corps/alliances
  • Logistics (the Carrier/Jump Freighter kind, not the PvP kind)
  • Fattening my Wallet again
  • Growing Star Defender's toon to be an effective PvP pilot
Check out last night's tasty 1.3 Billion ISK Cynabal kill.

I will continue posting here about direct Wspace experiences (and indirect regarding small fleet best practices) once we resume our WSpace "Incursions"...

Until then...Fly Safe!


  1. Good to see you posting again.. I too moved back to 0.0 although I did leave a few toons in an unmanned c3 for quick iskies. Welcome back so to speak , and good luck.

  2. Good to see ye still alive and kicking!
    I would not mind reading about other stuff then the WH incursions..
    But if you want to stick to that, why not light guides on fittings and tactics for the WH-curious feller? ;)

  3. My fav blog is back?? yay!

    And thank ye, I got inspired to write again thanks to you.

    Fly wormholey!

  4. o/

    I too am glad to see you posting again! I often think how funny life can be, I'm incidentally mirroring your experiance...first WH life and now I too am in null-sec, also a recent HIC pilot, BB ECM,.... in fact that Cynabal kill wasnt too far from home for me =P

    Please keep posting! Always a good read, and Ive learned much from you!

    Cheers mate!
    Matches 42, Wicked Creek

  5. wow,welcome back(I know here is Ur home(blog)but I want to say so)! 3month ago I read this blog for our immigrate into WH. now ,we had succesed it and making a lot of money every day thanks to Ur post.
    Im so glad to see U again.
    fly safe and sry for my broken english.