Monday, May 16, 2011

Elbow room

Thought I would post an update on our NullSec efforts.

I would continue to consider our deployment to Tenerifis a great success, both monetarily and from an experience perspective. Also, we have grown tremendously. As of this post, we stand at an astounding 459 members, most of it coming from Rule of Five (plank-holder corporation in the alliance) and the welcome addition of BSC Legion.

Obviously, with this kind of alliance growth, comes the need for expansion into additional systems. As such, an opportunity arose in Tenerifis when -A- decided to push White Noise completely out of the region. Previously, WN owned mostly ratter and botting systems on the "Eastern" (Dotlan View) half of the region, basically everything from DZ6, east. This was also some our primary hunting grounds, with many juicy kills in DZ6 and up the pipe towards (and into) Detorid.

We knew from prior experience that to expand your sovereignty-holding space, you need to prove yourself by assisting in the CTA's (Call-to-Action operations) and even taking The Initiative (pun intended, see history of Tenerifis) to attack in advance of the main CTAs. So, we set out as an alliance to participate in as many Tenerifis/Detorid/Catch operations as possible. We had some good times and good kills in the process, and were very pleased with the alliance participation level. Nice to have large contingents of Capital and Supercapital pilots on-board the alliance now.

I think one of the best ops we took on was the cleansing of BW-WJ2, including their extremely well defended Jump Bridge POS and then their iHub and remaining system installations, all of which was completed solely by the alliance.

As a result of participating in the Tenerifis campaign, the alliance was awarded the G3IP-E constellation. With the recent anomaly nerf, these systems are not exactly the most prized systems in Tenerifis, but they will provide (with the direction of our experienced Moon-Goo techs) a considerable level of passive monthly alliance income. You can see our Tenerifis systems in this view of Dotlan (S1. Alliance).

No hard decisions yet on what (if any) iHub upgrades will go there, but certainly more room to scan for Wormholes and Signatures. Also, we will now have 3 rich ice mining systems to tap in addition to our premium mining systems. I am guessing we will upgrade one or more of those systems and rent out to one or more Industry corps looking to join the NullSec party! If interested, send Star Defender an Eve-Mail - guaranteed all the best ABC mining you will ever need...

My personal Eve Time has suffered from RL complications lately, so I am not online for extended durations lately, but I am still soaking up NullSec. Cannot imaging living in HighSec again...


  1. So, I just realised that you're the enemy...

    And I had set you blue to me back when you were living in wormholes and yours was pretty much the only Eve blog that I read (most that I read now came from those blog pack links over to the right there).

    Better go fix those standings :).

  2. Heheheh - You can't leave me hanging as Anonymous! Who art thou? Or at least reference the corp or alliance? ;-)

  3. Glad to see you posting again!

    I ended up back in highsec after the epic failness of the NC to defend Vale and Germinate. I find highsec mining quite relaxing as you are fairly safe to go AFK as long as you don't go too far! We have been invited/pestered to join another corp in real null so *fingers crossed* it wont be too long!