Monday, June 29, 2009

Cashing In...

Well, a Low-sec exit wormhole opened last night just after my last post and although I had been basing my salvage value on an Alt sitting in Jita, I decided to go ahead and make sure I cashed in what I have salvaged to date. Did not want to login one night to find my POS ganked all of my loot gone!

Turns out the low-sec exit was a mere 9 jumps from Amarr, so I split my risk into two trips - one with all of the salvage loot and the second trip with all of the datacores and R.A.M. loot from the Radar sites.

First observation: The Amarr market prices for pretty much everything I had to sell, especially the big-ticket datacores, were getting between 10% to 30% higher bids than in Jita. As such, after comparing each sell order with the comparable Jita market, I decided to sell everything right there in Amarr. So, after clearing the following in my Class 2 WH over the course of limited play time over the past 6 days:

  • 12 of the 14 frontier sites (includes the 2 respawns)
  • 4 Radar Sites (includes the 2 respawns)
  • 1 Mag Site

The grand total ISK: 487 Million ISK!!!

I think that is pretty incredible. Mission Running 4/20 missions to hit that amount - forget it. I have made more than 1B ISK in a single day running exploration sites (Gurista Scout plex - lucked out with two in one system that both dropped a C-Type Medium Shield Booster), but that is rare and extremely inconsistent, not to mention risky (low-sec pirate-fest). The return based on time-spent in WH space was the best I have seen in Eve (just in my experience) since I joined nearly one year ago.

And where is the pirate traffic in WH Space? I have yet to scan a single other player in this WH since I set up the POS. NOTE: This will ultimately be a Murphy's law, so by stating this, I will now surely be overwhelmed with WH traffic.


  1. This is awesome! I stumbled across this blog and have added you to my Reader. I've recently decided to stop missioning and run WH's only. I've gone through an entire Class 1 and most of a Class 2, and typically get 70-90M per outing. My profits have convinced me to bring in my alt in an Orca as a mobile base and start some gas harvesting and hacking, in addition to my looting and salvaging.

    How often would you say you get station cans? I haven't seen any yet, or are they only at the RADAR and LADAR sites?

  2. Cans are only found in Mag and Radar sites. Try convo'ing me in-game some time - maybe we should join forces - I never work the rich Grav ('roid)and Ladar (Gas) sites. I have considered bringing in my max-gas harvester-fit + BS Rokh in to harvest gas sites, but compared to a properly configured/trained orca, the fleet bonuses would make it worth it for sure...

  3. so i know im a few months late, but i just found your blog yesterday. ive been soloing Class 2 and 3s on and off lately and theyve been growing on me, i nearly started training my industrial skills to make cargo space to take out my own POS but my corp has a ban on WH POSes. we can run the sites in the POS, just not live in them for now. but i <3 what you are doing.