Thursday, June 25, 2009

Living in WH Space...

Editor's Note: I decided to literally restart this blog, as I never invested the time to properly chronicle the Apocrypha release and the subsequent flood of information that ensued on WH space, Sleeper difficulty, WH Classes, etc.

Instead, I am simply going to chronicle my activities as they relate to WH Space and provide links to information where applicable. In fact, here are a couple of must-read's:

My first WH POS.

Well, I finally made the leap of faith.

Although I got side-tracked on exploration in Low-Sec shortly after the Apocrypha release (which was HIGHLY profitable and will post on in the near future) I am finally settled into my first semi-permanent WH. I am still debating on whether or not to post the exact details (pirates!), but I will say that I opted for a Class 2 WH that I happened upon a few days ago near Innia.

I had been exploring and in parallel was testing my ship buildouts on Sissi (Eve's test server) and I was eager to jump into a Class 2 or 3. My final decision to go with a Class 2 had more to do with gathering some experience in a "safer" environment such as a Class 2 before moving on to a Class 3 or 4 system, rather than purely about profit. In Class 2 WH Space, Sleepers do not use warp disruption, so there is always a warp-out option available to you if you get into trouble. I scanned down the WH entrance in Low-Sec and using my favorite WH Info tool, I identified a pretty lucky find! It was a Class 2, but it had a local effect to give a pretty large set of shield bonuses.

I jumped-in, ready for the inevitable WH-side gankers, but there were none to be seen. I scanned thoroughly and the system was empty and stock-full. I went ahead and scanned everything down. More than 25 sites, including a Radar (Transponder Farm), Mag , 8 or so Lader/Grav, and 12 Perimeter sites. There was also a High-Sec WH Exit and a Class 4 WH Exit/Entry. More than enough to decide this was worth farming.

So, off I go to retrieve my pre-purchased Small Caldari POS, Hangar, and Maintenance Arrays. I decided this would be a relatively short stay, so I only provisioned enough POS fuel for 7 days. With that, I brought my Helios and Domi for my main and my Drake for my Alt. After some heart-pounding drives through Low-Sec (Helios scouting ahead), I got all of my POS goods into the WH and online. Although it was already getting late, I could not resist taking a shot at the Radar and Mag sites. They produced what I would call great quality loot for a Class 2, and I decided to cash-in on impulse. My Low-Sec entry is a scant 10 jumps from Jita and I netted a cool 47M ISK on the loot.

Over the next few days I cleared 10 more perimeter sites for a total of 167M ISK worth of loot in Jita. So, even if I login over the next few days to see my POS summarily destroyed, I can at least say it paid for itself, plus I have the experience on my first persistent stay in WH space.

  1. Pretty odd feeling the first time you cut ties to your entrypoint - as my entrypoint collapsed I had a very anti-climactic sense of "OK, you are in it now."
  2. With new entry/exit points daily, I am shocked that in the 4 times I have been online I have yet to see any evidence of other players in my little pocket of WH space. In fact, every time I login, I get the "please try again" message while the grid is loaded, typically a good indication NOBODY has been there since the last downtime.
  3. After the second perimeter site, clearing and salvaging quickly became routine. The Radar and Mag sites were a bit more challenging, but Class 2's are definitely easily solo-capable. I am using my Domi as main (drone DPS and remote repair) and a Omni-passive-tanked Drake for DPS . I have 1 salvager on the Drake, 2 plus tractor on the Domi.
Once I clear the remaining perimeter sites, I am really just interested in witnessing first-hand the respawn rate. If it takes more than a day to see new sites, then I will pack up and head out to the next convenient exit...


  1. Very good information really, desmystifying the difficulty of sleepers. Also I didnt know that a tool like eWormhole exists, and never heard of w-space having different classes. Nice blog :)

  2. Great Information.... thanks for the link to the WH tool.

  3. Very informative!
    Three of us will soon be following your foot steps. Can't wait :)

  4. Wow very very informative! All I can say is I wish my move went as well as yours :p

  5. Good post ! Whe live in a c3 now :) but looking for a c5 or 6,,

    Greetz !

  6. ArcDragon made a good post about WHs in general.
    But I believe the strategies were made for early days of Wormholes with only clearing 'regular' sites down. When the real ISK comes from Capital Escalations in C5 and C6.
    I've learned a lot from this, but I feel I should contribute you my link....