Sunday, June 28, 2009

Radar - Unsecured Perimeter Comms Relay

Just returned from a weekend trip (no Eve time) and returned to my POS tonight to find it slowly repopulating with Radar sites. Five days ago I deployed my first WH POS and had cleared all but 3 of the Frontier sites. Today, I found 2 new radar sites and a re-spawn of the Perimeter Checkpoint and "Ruins of Enclave Cohort 27" sites I cleared last week. The first radar site was a re-spawn of one I did last week as well - the "Unsecured Perimeter Transponder Farm". The second was a new one for me - it was the "Unsecured Perimeter Comms Relay" - All I can say is: NICE! In addition to the rich bounty salvaged fro the below spawns, the cans dropped just over $180M ISK worth of datacores! The total take from the site was just over $210M ISK. Here is a recap of the datacores from the cans:
  • 3x Datacore Engineering Subsystems Engineering
  • 5x Datacore Defensive Subsystems Engineering
  • 7x Datacore Offensive Subsystems Engineering
  • 12x Datacore Propulsion Subsystems Engineering
  • 5x R.A.M. Hybrid Technology
Here was the Spawn sequence:

Spawn 1
  • 3x Awakened Patroller
  • 2x Awakened Watchman (Spawn)
Spawn 2
  • 1x Sleepless Patroller (Spawn)
  • 2x Emergent Watchman
Spawn 3
  • 1x Sleepless Escort
  • 1x Sleepless Watchman
(No 4th spawn like you would normally see in most Radar sites...)


  1. For Spawn 3 I had
    2x Sleepless Escort
    2x Sleepless Watchman

  2. I got around 85m worth of isk from this site in a c2 wh