Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bottomed Out...

OK, everything except the Ladar (Gas) and Grav ('roid) sites have been cleared and I took the last of my loot to market. As an update from the prior "Cashing In" post, the total profit from this WH on Jita and Amarr markets was just a smidge over $670M ISK. The widely-reported slow respawn rates has me thinking of moving into an adjacent "static" Class 2 WH the next time I login. This WH has consistently maintained a static Low-Sec exit and a Class 2 WH entry/exit.

Also, kudos goes out to ArcDragon for neatly capturing all of the eve-wide data gathering accross various forum posts into a single reference (PDF). In addition to covering WH basics, it also has sections for POS management and some perspectives on running a "scaled" corporate operation in Class 5 WH space. Nice work!

I will continue to document the interesting sites as I hit them. Next-up is making a decision on whether or not to move to the next WH...

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