Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Radar sites after the patch v1.3.1...

Well, it appears that EVE, true to it's release notes, has definitely upped the proverbial ante on Radar and Mag sites in terms of can contents. I had a respawn of a Radar site tonight (Unsecured Perimeter Transponder Farm) and I am now going to have to update the Spawn info I have collected - the 3rd and 4th spawns were much larger than before - I had to warp out twice! I was so frantically repping and clearing that I did not have time to record the new spawns info...

NOTE: If you have to warp out, be sure to return quickly - it has been stated that the sites will despawn quickly.

However, once cleared, the salvage was fantastic with a much larger number of shipwrecks. Also, the cans produced an amazing volume of datacores and some decryptors:

  • 6x Datacore Electronic Subsystems Engineering
  • 3x Datacore Engineering Subsystems Engineering
  • 19x Datacore Defensive Subsystems Engineering
  • 23x Datacore Offensive Subsystems Engineering
  • 14x Datacore Propulsion Subsystems Engineering

Literally, the value of these alone would have been in excess of 400M ISK last Monday. In fact, the total haul, with Monday's recorded prices, would have been a total take of 440M ISK. However, being the free-market economy eve is, the market rates plummeted today to less than 25% of the prior day's value for datacores. As such, I sold off the salvage, which had retained the values, and kept the datacores and decryptors for a future date.

See the graph below - this is consistent for all datacores. Down From 10M ISK at the beginning of the month to ~5M ISK earlier this week, down to 300K today!!!

Side note - I have been hauling all of the salvage and datacores (which are lightweight) in my covert ops ship on these runs to market - this has saved my arse with its gate-camp busting MWD and Cloak tricks. I dodged two camps (one bubbled) on my run in the most recent Low-sec exit in Khanid en-route to Amarr.

Between the exploration revenue and the WH activities, my personal balance is now over 5B ISK, plus the ~500M ISK I keep in the corp wallet. My goal is 10B ISK by August...


  1. nice blog, i myself have been in my current wh for 3 days, I have a POS ready in empire and will be launching it as soon as an exit opens up close to my empire-hq.

    I have found several different hi-sec entries and have closed them all successfully in order to spawn a new closer-to-home wh :)

    My cl 2 is very productive with 9 ladar and 11 grav sites, I dont know yet if these are persistent but the ladar sites definately have respawned on completion. (I count 17 arkonor roids each with 5000 units in between the 11 belts)

    I'll pass on any information i garner to you, nice to see someone else enterprising and taking the risk hehe

  2. Thanks quigon - I am working on my mining yield skills now, since I only work the sites/radar/mag and leave the Ladar/Grav sites. This is another large source of ISK, I know, but my eve time is limited, so I do not do much roid/gas mining. Thanks and good luck! Will be interesting to see if the datacore markets recover...

  3. Quigon: How do you close a WH entrance/exit? Just warp back and forth over and over?

    Loving the blog!

    Been finding WH entrances and mining a bit, but i am so nervous about piracy. Makes it kind of exciting though. :-) Trying to convince myself to drag my pos out of mothballs and go for it.

  4. Quigon - I am hoping to have a fellow WH pilot guest-post on closing entrances/exits, but yes, basically, you are exhausting the WH's Mass Capacity. Look for a post on this soon.

    1. You close wh according to it's mass. It would take a small book to quickly and efficiently explain the closing. First know the mass of your ship, or fleet of ships. Next identify the type of wh. Pull out your spreadsheet and use it. All ships must have AB or MWD to increase mass when needed. These combinations are calculated and known ahead of closing.

      So in general combinations of jumps are made til the wh is in a state that the last ship jumping in the desired direction will close it. Most FC's command jumps till changes indicate the wh is down to 1/2 mass (45% of original mass). These jumps are made by the various ships light (mwd/ab off) or heavy (mwd/ab on) according to the FC in-charge of the closing. As the closing continues past 1/2 mass to critical (10% of original mass) be aware of the remaining mass and the last ship jumps in the desired direction.

  5. What Ship are you taking on the WH radar sites with? I have been using a Loki with not much luck.