Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sold my POS?!?!

After clearing most of the latest WH I was occupying, and after scoping out all of the routes to other regional "deep"sites and finding none to my liking, I decided to take a break for a few days on the WH front.

Ironically, just as I was planning my POS tear-down and transport to a good high-sec exit, a small crew began working the remains of sites (mostly perimeter checkpoint) I had taken a pass on clearing. I scanned down their ships and convo'd them about whether or not they were interested in a great deal on a POS in this WH. Complete with Hangar and Ship Maintenance Arrays plus 10 days of POS Fuel, I estimated total value at just shy of 200M. Feeling very happy with the day's 780M ISK sell-off of loot in and around the Minmatar hub earlier that session, I issued a generous offer: 120M ISK for the whole lot.

They pondered for 60 seconds and agreed. As they ran out to procure a transport ship and stock up on ammo/supplies, I transported my remaining good and ships out to the local high-sec exit and offlined and un-anchored the arrays. The deal was simply 50% up front, then transfer the rest after the POS was unanchored. The timing worked out pretty good - after the initial 60M ISK transfer to me, I had just begun the un-anchor on the POS just as they were returning from their shopping spree. I left them to guard the POS as it completed the un-anchor and logged off. Later that night I logged in to find the second payment and they were happily enjoying their now POS home...

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