Thursday, July 23, 2009

Goodbye POS #2! R.I.P.

POS in Reinforced Mode...

Funny. I logged in to update some skill training and had a DED email about my POS. Turns out a Russian crew from Kolodishy, Inc. decided they liked this WH and wanted to move in. I had a few hours remaining on my reinforced mode, so I warped out all but two of my ships and all of my loot and extra fittings before they got wise and started camping the exit WH and the LowSec side. Made it out with my Covops (carried all the pricy loot), Drake, and Domi before the camping began, so then self-destructed my hauler and the cormorant salvager rather than risking getting podded. Last exit was in my gatecamp-busting Covops... ;-)

I stripped all the fittings from the ships before the self-destruct, and no rigs on those two ships, so total loss estimated at roughly 150M (Small Tower, Hangar, Ship Maint, Hauler, Cormorant). Considering this second POS earned over 1.5B ISK in the last 2 WH systems, I was still pleased with the investment.

Interesting how things work out. I was trying to decide last night what to do with the POS - it had 2 days of POS fuel left and I am leaving this weekend on vacation for a week, and did not want to simply offline it, and I did not like the hour-long process of offlining and unanchoring and transporting it all out (part of the reason I sold my first POS), so I suppose the question on whether to invest further in this Class3 system is now a mute point! Nice forcing function...

Off to vacation and upon return, back to Class 2's - quieter and higher NIM yields?


  1. Sad to hear it, or happy since you didn't want to unanchor it...good or bad? lol :)

    I had my first negative experience in WH space today, was an idiot truthfully...wasn't watching overview while scanning, and had sound I didn't notice the drake, cheetah, and brutix until I was halfway through shields...

    got my pod out though :)

  2. Nice that you did not get podded and booted from the WH - same happened to me a few weeks ago (posted on my Domi loss). Not too bad when not podded - just step out the current exit, refit, and you are back in the game...

    Oh, and the answer is "good" - like I said in a prior post, if you cannot afford to lose the POS, then... Figured I will run a few exploration site in my old haunts unto I leave for vacation.

  3. I was glad I got my pod out too, had just gotten a full set of +4s and some 3% implants...that would have sucked, lol

    I'm having fun in WHs....mainly got into it from reading your I'm just trying to decide if I want to run out and join a wormhole corp or stay where I skillpoints prevent me from doing much by myself at the moment.

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