Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Class 2 Wormhole Home

OK, after what seems like a LOT of wormhole scanning only to find nearly every WH occupied, I finally happened upon a nice Class 2, dense with sites.

Turns out it was only 2 jumps from my staging system, so lucked out there.

My only scare was on my second trip back to the entrance (while the POS was already onlining), where there was a Tengu sitting! Was not sure if he had exited the WH or had just warped-in, but as soon as I showed up he warped out. Of course, I hustled in to check my POS, but it was shielded and nobody was in the system, so I continued, but kept a close eye on scans in case he was returning. After all of the searching, I had a complete gold-rush feeling on staking my claim to the system, so the on next trip, instead of ammo and more fuel, I grabbed my ships. Turned out to be quiet thus far... We will see if it stays that way.

A quick recap of the system:

3x Perimeter Checkpoint
4x Perimeter Hangar
1x Sleeper Data Sanctuary
4x Ruins of Enclave Cohort 27
1x Magnometric - Forgotten Perimeter Gateway
2x Gravimetric - Isolated core Deposit
1x Ladar - Minor Perimeter Reservoir
1x Radar - Unsecured Perimeter Comms Relay
2x Radar - Unsecured Perimeter Transponder Farm
2x Wormhole Exit to HighSec
1x Wormhole Exit to Class 3 WH

Time for bed... But time to harvest tomorrow!


  1. Hi mate. Just found your blog when doing some wormhole research. Its now added to my blogroll. Keep up the great work and good luck in your explorations!

  2. Thanks Wensley - I read your blog every day on Capsuleer! Thanks for linking.