Thursday, July 2, 2009

The EVE Wormhole Mongolian BBQ

Theme for the day: I am your density
(OK, that dates me - who get's the line?)

So it is settled - the nomadic, Mongolian WH style will be the strategy. Clean the system out, then move on to a neighboring system (rather than waiting for respawns). There are many posts that hint at observations where respawns may occur regionally within connected WH's, but it is conjecture at this point - all I know is that my neighboring Class 2 WH, albeit without bonus effects, is packed with sites.

Tonight I packed up my POS, Hangar, and Ship Maintenance array and moved camp to a neighboring Class 2 system. The move turned out to be a harrowing ordeal, as for the first time, just as I was offlining my POS and unanchoring it, a High-Sec exit spawned and in comes some Tech2 NightHawks. As I tapped the proverbial toes, I scanned one down and followed it all over the WH - since my POS was on the very outskirts of the solar system, and because they concentrated scans on the inner-most rings, my POS was packed up and I was out of there just in time - I raced to get it onlined in the neighboring Class 2, re-hitting scan all the while to see if they would follow. Nope - everything safely moved and I even lucked upon a High-Sec exit in my new home, which allowed me to quickly fetch POS fuel - I now have 3 weeks of fuel and enough ammo to last a loooong time. Good thing, because...

The new WH system is absolutely brimming with sites:
  • 16x Perimeter Hangar
  • 18x Perimeter Checkpoint
  • 8x Ruins of Enclave Cohort 27
  • 3x Sleeper Data Sanctuary
  • 5x Radar (2x Perimeter Comms Relay, 3x Perimeter Transponder Farm
  • 2x Magnometric (Forgotten Perimeter Gateway)
  • 3x Ladar (Sizeable Perimeter Reservoir)
  • 2x Grav (1x Common Perimeter Deposit, 1x Unexceptional Frontier Deposit)
  • 2x Static WH (1x Class 4, 1x LowSec)
Check out the screenshot of my new home after scanning all the sites:

I am an ace on probing, but it still took nearly an hour to get all 12 sites. Time to BBQ some Sleepers!!!

I am going to begin to start posting the spawn info on all of these sites.

Fly safe (or reckless) and enjoy the holiday weekend!

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