Thursday, July 16, 2009

6 Hours in two nights == 770M ISK

772,605,857 ISK

That was the Jita Yield on the WH Salvage I cleared from this most recent Class 2 WH. Not bad. Neurovisual Input Matrix (NIM), Sleeper Data Library and Melted Nanoribbons alone accounted for 629M ISK. NIM's are going for a premium recently, as can be seen in the below price history graph:

I actually sold my NIMs one system from Jita, in Ikuchi, for 7.6M each, a slight premium over Jita prices.

I am still hoarding my datacores and decryptors for later considerations.

I still realize I am leaving Billions of potential ISK behind as I skip (Mongolian style) to successive WH's, but alas, I am not a miner...

It was extremely quiet in this class 2 "Border" WH, in spite of the Static exit respawns to High-Sec. This particular sell-off was based on an exit 9 jumps from Jita that happened to spawn literally as I had completed the last WH site, since it was not there before I cleared the last 2 sites.

Trying to locate a non-border Class 3 and up the game a bit. Very tempting to join forces with some of the pilots encouraging an alliance and even camp a Class 4, but still putting off that decision for a few more days.

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