Monday, July 20, 2009

New Class 3 Wormhole...

OK, time to start working Class 3's. Although I was looking for a Non-"Border" system, an exit from my current Class 2 WH eventually opened to an extremely large (128 AU Wide at outermost planet orbit), densely populated system of 36 sites. The site has a static Class 3 and Class 2 exit, and an occasional Low-Sec exit. Here is a quick screenshot and the site list:

  • 1x Gravimetric - Unexceptional Frontier Deposit
  • 1x Ladar - Barren Perimeter Reservoir
  • 1x Ladar - Bountiful Frontier Reservoir
  • 1x Ladar - Minor Perimeter Reservoir
  • 1x Ladar - Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir
  • 2x Ladar - Token Perimeter Reservoir
  • 2x Magnometric - Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost
  • 2x Magnometric - Forgotten Frontier Recursive Outpost
  • 1x Radar - Unsecured Frontier Receiver
  • 12x Fortification Frontier Stronghold
  • 14x Outpost Frontier Stronghold
  • 4x Solar Cell
  • 4x The Oruze Construct
Time to get to work...


  1. looks juicy! keep us updated

  2. Dude where is this site I'm so curious to see it plz let me know
    if your willing to share?

    Kind Regards, christarani

  3. Atom - it's actually been 3 months since this post, and I have long-since cleared it and many others since then. Great to see you reading along, though!

    Safe Flying!