Sunday, July 12, 2009

Class 2 POS Setup overkill? Or something else...

Somebody's Class 2 Permahome?

I ran across this setup in a Class 2 system today - J114346:
  • 1x Amarr Control Tower
  • 1x Minmatar Control Tower Medium
  • 1x Corporate Hanger Array
  • 2x Ship Maintenance Array
  • 1x Medium Intensive Refining Array
  • 1x Ammunition Assembly Array
  • 1x Polymer Reactor Array
  • 1x Hybrid Polymer Silo
  • 2x Biochemical Silo
  • 1x Explosion Dampening Array
  • 2x Warp Disruption Battery
  • 1x Stasis Webification Battery
  • 6x Small Artillery Battery
  • 4x Medium Pulse Battery
  • 4x Medium Beam Laser Battery
  • 8x Medium Artillery Battery
  • 2x Large Pulse Laser Battery
  • 2x Large Beam Laser Battery
  • 1x Ballistic Deflection Array
My first thought: "Wow, what tremendous overkill for a Class 2 WH". My second thought - "What a safe place to perform all of your reactions". I am guessing this POS complex is not really here for simply working the Class 2 site, and am only guessing here that the complex has been uprooted from normal space as a nice little space-version of the moonshine site... I probed down a few of the ships there - the corp will remain nameless, but they had:
  • Ferox
  • Moa
  • Cerberus (parked at POS)
  • Orca
Probably had more stored in the Ship Maintenance Array. Curiously, they never reacted to my obvious combat scanner probes; I warped-to one to get the corp info. If I were a small band of pirates, it would have been a good opportunity - wonder why they were not watching scans...?

So, too much setup required to simply be a base for Class 2 WH Gas Cloud harvesting and refining, so I am left with the question as to why, with the penalties on refining yield from POS refineries, would you want to do this? So asketh the non-mining pilot...


  1. Love the site...keep it up!

    After reading your checklist I decided to give it a go and collected all the components I figured I would need to get started....didn't start off as planned :) Forget to BM the WH and warped off the moon - oops...Managed to get out and ended up jumping through about half a dozen nullsec systems...

    The WH that I jumped into had 3 towers all mining with HUGE amounts of the heck do you managed to keep a POS fueled in WH space?

  2. First off, there are plenty of "vacant" wormholes. If I find a new WH to be occupied, I simply exit and look for another.

    In terms of POS fuel, I bring enough fuel in on the initial setup to last roughly a week. In that time, it is very likely that an exit will open to a region that has POS fuel available within 10 jumps. You have nearly a full day for a new exit before it closes naturally, so plenty of time to head out with your transport ships, shop around and restock your fuel supply.

  3. The penalties can be overcome for a large amount by a good skillset... However the main reason I would personally use a POS refinery in a wormhole would have to be that minerals are way way "lighter" transportingwise than raw ore is.
    Sure you lose a bit in the process, but storing raw ore in a pos until it's convenient to move might take up too much space.

  4. If you think that's extreme, I saw 22 POSes, all but one were Large Caldari, in a single C1 the other day

  5. this is nothing to what we have . we even have cap ships. we have been invaded with poses so mant times now and asshats that think they can push us out. NOT A CHANCE. we have made alot from our worm hole and have been here from the start. we will protect our home till the death. To many people are out there that want something for nothing

  6. The setup that the OP stated is somewhat stupid and does not follow common sense, and yes therefore overkill. Obviously the corp didnt fully thing things through and just bought as much crap as they thought would work well with a wtfpwned deathstar.

    A bit of google work would have given them a perfect dic*star setup with some turrets that just about invincible in most WH situations...

    Anyways; mostly a large pos with a good fitting in a c1-2 (maybe 3) WH is too hard to take down to warrant any reason for attacking, as only a limited number of ships can jump in. A dedicated corp and WH Anti-POS tactics can overcome this though..