Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Magnometric - Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost

Spawn Information for the Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost in a Class 3 WH System:

Spawn 1
  • 3x Awakened Preserver (Trigger) (Kill 2 of these first to eliminate incredible sleeper repping!!!)
  • 6x Emergent Defender
Spawn 2
  • 3x Awakened Defender (Trigger)
  • 2x Awakened Preserver
  • 2x Awakened Upholder
Spawn 3
  • 4x Emergent Upholder (Trigger)
  • 1x Sleepless Defender
Spawn 4
  • 2x Sleepless Preserver (Tough cookies!)
  • 4x Emergent Defender
Everything was pretty smooth until the 2x Sleepless Preservers - I had both my Domi reppers running full time until I took one down. Figuring there was a big sleeper spawn coming, I let my capacitor recharge before killing off the trigger on Spawn 3, leaving a full cap for repping against the dual sleeper BS...

In terms of salvage value and loot from the artifact cans, I am yielding between 180M to 200M ISK per Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost site (Remember, results may vary...):

  • 13x Ancient Coordinates Database
  • 1x Cartesian Temporal Coordinator
  • 91x Electromechanical Hull Sheeting
  • 6x Emergent Combat Analyzer
  • 1x Emergent Combat Intelligence
  • 1x Fused Nanomechanical Engines
  • 1x Heuristic Self Assemblers
  • 4x Melted Nanoribbons
  • 72x Modified Fluid Router
  • 58x Neural Network Analyzer
  • 15x Neurovisual Input Matrix (5M ISK/each)
  • 35x Powdered C-540
  • 3x Resonance Calibration Matrix
  • 58x Sleeper Data Library
  • 3x Sleeper Drone AI Nexus
  • 1x Malfunctioning Electrochemical Component (*6M ISK/each)
  • 1x Malfunctioning Weapon Subroutines (*16M ISK/each)
  • 1x Wrecked Armor Nanobot
  • 3x Wrecked Power Cores
  • 4x Wrecked Thruster Sections


  1. do structures drop loot ??

  2. No, structures are only there for appearances and cool graphics... Mag and Radar sites have cans that you have to target and apply codebreaker or analyzer.

  3. What do you do wuth Ancient Coordinates Database besides selli it?

  4. Nothing - these sleeper loot items are only used for selling to NPC's:

    - Ancient Coordinates Database
    - Neural Network Analyzer
    - Sleeper Data Library
    - Sleeper Drone AI Nexus

  5. Can you post the fittings of your Domis?


  7. Anyway to blitz a Radar or Mag in a wh? If so? What would be the configurations of the fleet?