Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ruins of Enclave Cohort 27

Spawn 1
  • 6x Emergent Patroller (Spawn)
  • 1x Sleepless Patroller
Spawn 2
  • 5x Awakened Patroller (Spawn)
  • 1x Emergent Watchman
Spawn 3
  • 1x Sleepless Escort
Shout out to narrat Caeli - had a good chat while he popped into this WH as I returning from a sell-off in Jita of the goods I have cleared thus far in this packed Class 2 WH. I sold off 398M ISK last night and have since cleared 5 more sites - being a holiday, my time has been opportunistic, short stints.


  1. im in a c2 atm, and havent got the sleepless patroller in the 1st spawn, might be a class difference i dont know..

    -Fredd Mosibfu

  2. Just another addition to my previous post, spawn 3 didnt happen aswell... so i had a full spawn without the bs's.. weird stuff i know

  3. Thanks for the post. I have also seen this from time to time, and short of an actual proof-positive cause, I am guessing that the site was previously attempted by someone else, but not to its completion (good a guess as any I suppose).

    Safe flying!

  4. I am in a C2 - happened "correctly". All 3 spawns.

  5. i also didnt have the two bs
    also the emergent watchman in spawn 2 nos'd me