Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Neurovisual Input Matrix (NIM) Yields in Class 3

Subject to randomization theory, observed behavior tends to indicate thus far that NIM yields on comparable salvage between Class 2 and Class 3 systems is horribly skewed.

Part of the good news in going to Class 3 WH Systems is that the spawn counts are higher. Typically, more wrecks == more salvage == more NIMs. However, whereas clearing 15 Class 2 Perimeter sites yielded over 40 NIMs, I have now cleared 18 Frontier sites in this Class 3 and have only 19 NIMs.

One is tempted to second guess the randomness factor typically referenced on salvage drops...

Anyone have similar experiences?


  1. Hi, thank you for a very informative Blog.
    Reading about your experiences has convinced me to follow in your footsteps, and I have added you to my Blogroll.
    I notice in your checklist that you do not include weapons for your POS, is this intentional?
    Also wondering why you do not mine the ores, as that is something I would like to do.
    Can an Orca fit through a class 2 wormhole?

  2. The absence of POS defenses is intended. It is a Small Tower, and even with defenses would be trivially destroyed if there was intent. Honestly, I would only deploy defenses for Medium or Large towers. The sole purpose of my POS is a staging area for clearing and salvaging sleeper sites and to swap out modules (ex: armor and structure repairers) when needed. As I mentioned on the POS posts, I am not a miner and only need Ship Maintenance and Hangar arrays.

    In terms of why not mine? Simple: Not skilled up for mining, nor refining, although I am skilling up for that now. If you are skilled for mining, then as I have said many times, I am leaving BILLIONS of ISK behind on Class 2 and Class 3 WH systems, where you can solo or solo+Alt mine roids and gas relatively safely.

  3. Yes, an Orca can be transported to Class 2 WH systems. Check out the eWormhole link on the sidebar - with it, you can reference any wormhole information. What you need to look for is the "Maximum Jumpable Mass", which is typically around 300M kg for Class 2 Wormholes. Since the Orca (unfitted and empty) has a mass of 250M kg, then the answer is yes. Also, look at the "Maximum Mass Capacity", which is what the wormhole will allow to pass through in total. For an example Class 2 wormhole with 1 Billion kg capacity, you could feasibly run that Orca through and back 4 times if nothing else has gone through... But don't plan on more than in/out once, since you never know who else is flying in transports, etc.