Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Selling your WH Salvage wisely

I just wanted to post some observations about getting the best value out of your hard work in WH Space. To mitigate risk while I am offline, as good exits become available, I regularly load up the salvage and datacores into my covops and sell the goods on the local markets. By "good exits" I mean low or high-sec exits that are within 10 jumps of a regional market hub. I use the covops because (a) cargo capacity is not an issue, since WH salvage and datacores are very "light", (b) it can run through gatecamps with ease with cloaking and MWD, and (c) it is a very fast ship.

Now that I have sold off 2 Billion worth of WH goods, here are some market observations. Some, but not all of these are always true for market goods in general:
  • Check market prices before "Sell this item". The price you can get for an item in the current or closest (convenient) station may be much lower than you can yield if you simply jumped a few systems farther into the sector. Market prices will show you the regional prices across many systems - use this to determine where the best cluster of buy orders have been registered.
  • Market Hubs do not always garner the best prices. Although this is well-known from a supply/demand proximity perspective, this behavior occurs on a micro-scale with WH Goods. I have found that few "buyers" have place volume buy orders in border regions - most of the volume buy orders are occurring at or within 3-5 jumps from market hubs.
  • Not all salvage will garner the best price in the same system. In my last sell-off, only specific items were selling at a premium. In the case of Sleeper Data Library units, I found a station 4 jumps from the Minmatar hub I was in that had no less than 4 buyers with buy orders 2.5X what the market hub was yielding. No-brainer: Sell what I could at good or premium prices at the hub, then take the effort to make a dozen or so extra jumps to sell off the rest in surrounding systems. For Sleeper Data Library's, I yielded 240M ISK by selling in a system 4 jumps away rather than the 150M I was going to yield at the market hub.
  • Sit on the loot and wait for a better exit if the nearest exit hub is yielding considerably lower than other recently-visited hubs. Jita recently tanked on prices for many items - rather than sell off my stockpile there, I waited 2 days for an exit nearer the Amarr hub, which earned me 3X what I otherwise would have yielded in Jita.
  • Don't hesitate to sell off your stockpile periodically. As I mentioned above, I do not like the idea of continually stockpiling what amounts to hundreds or millions (if not billions) of ISK worth of items in my POS. If I am offline and a smart team wants to take down my Small Caldari POS, then they could. I prefer to regularly (roughly every 2 days, or when there is a good exit hub) sell off items that are garnering high value in the local exit hub, but I will retain items that happen to be lower-yield to sell at the next exit hub that opens.
  • When logging off, transfer the loot into your cargo. As mentioned before, loot does not take up much cargo room - I can store thousands of salvage items in my Domi cargo bay. I make a regular practice of loading all of my loot into my cargo bay when I logoff for the night, just in the event someone goes after my POS when I am offline. This obviously does not apply to gas/roid mining efforts, but for salvage, radar, and mag site loot, take it with you on logout...
You worked hard for that loot - a little extra effort can pay huge dividends.

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