Thursday, July 23, 2009

WH Travels irony

In my last post, I covered the demise of POS #2.

I had made a rapid escape via the latest low-sec exit that spawned last night. What I forgot to mention is that the exit I used to escape the dreaded russians turned out to be 3 jumps from the very first wormhole whence I began my entire sleeper experience! So here I am, with all of the ships, remaining unsold loot and all of the other fittings I pulled out, a scant 3 jumps from my corporation office. Go figure!

Felt like a time-warp or some kind of Dallas episode (10M ISK to the first person to recognize the reference and link to it in comments), but looking at the billions of ISK added to my wallet reassured me it was not all just a dream...


  1. At the end of season 7 of Dallas, Bobby is shot and killed. At the end of season 8, Bobby is alive and well and the season is classified as a dream sequence.

  2. Step forward, oh learned one and receive your reward. (I.e. Need a pilot name for the ISK)

  3. Oh I'm sorry, forgot to put my name on that first message...Cyberin :)

    (I'm totally wasn't me :D)

    Anyway, gratz on coming out right where you needed to :)...last time I came out I was 47 jumps into 0.0, lol

  4. Thanks for all the help, and enjoy your holiday :)

  5. Great blog, a nice read while at work :)

    I'm normally running my 2 chars (domi +nighthawk) for lvl 4's. Been thinking of getting out into the WH's and try staying around for a while and reading this really helps getting me to actually do it.

    I'll probably also get some backup from my corporation (bunch of newer players mainly). I'll come back with the result of my journey :)

  6. Thanks - my advice is to skill up for probing and once ready, make sure you switch up your fittings for probe launcher and omni-tank and play in some Class 1 WH space to get the feel for it. GL!

  7. Thanks so much for the great blog. Some really nice info.

    I do have a request though if you don't mind. It would be to get some commentary for the true solo person. Most people do not have the capability to dual box for one reason or another.

    It would also be nice if you could give solo advice for all SP ranges. The typical Eve-o response to any solo question is bring a command ship or maurader. Thats all fine and great, but what about your typical guy who only has a BC or BS? It's more about what is the LEAST equipment that you can get the job accomplished with, not the most pimped out way. Anyone can figure that out.

  8. Yea, I'm not a new player, but the corp I'm running (I'm the ceo) is for new people and my aim is to help them experience stuff in Eve they don't normally do :)

    Since the last post I've spent some time in a class 1 system (on my own) just checking it out, seeing what kind of gear is required for my members to bring.

    No need to say that the class 1 was very soloable for my character in a well skilled t2 fitted passive drake, but I think just about tough enough for getting newer players to play around with. Even though it's just a class 1 and it doesn't seem to hold too much of value ones the sigs are clear, I'm planning on throwing in a small pos just to get the corp used to running and maintaining one.

    I'll let you know how it will turn out :)

  9. I went straight for the class 2s in my drake with one rig and my heron with no rigs nor fancy gear. I had 3m SPs and an indy alt that hauled the stuff i needed. Bought a small POS and started out and did great for a week. My alt got blown up and I moved into a "trainyard" WH to enjoy the goldrush and then my main got blow up while trying to find a WH to empire space.

    Well bottom line is: I lost my POS, my then expensive drake, my +3 attributes.
    But I gained: Experience, challenge, fun, alot of high SP people corp offers to join them, enough money to buy myself a fully fitted raven, a new and better POS + fuel and a bit more....

    Now I can cloak and are well on my way to get a covert frig. So I am happy - high risk / high reward. Do it :)

  10. Back from vacation! Great comments...

    Drunkenstein - yeah, getting my covops with cloak opened up a whole new chapter in EVE for me. Not only can you run through gatecamps while carrying valuables, but the scanning bonuses make probing sites (and ships) much easier and faster.

    Carthag - I would consider making that POS training move in Class 2 - riches to be found and not a real difference in the type of visitor traffic you will see. Good luck and keep us posted!

    Anon - I think a true solo player, at BC skill levels, should focus on a passive fitted Drake (check my earlier post on setups) and jump into a Class 1. You can tank and kill anything there with average BattleCruiser skills. Just be sure to get your basic probe skills trained and fit your open high slot with that probe launcher...