Saturday, August 1, 2009

Moving billions of ISK worth of Sleeper Loot...

I returned from vacation and decided that before I looked for the next Class 2 WH, I would run out to the handful of stations where I had staged my as-yet unsold sleeper loot. This was loot that I dropped into stations when a market hub was not within a reasonable number of jumps at the time or the market hub prices were not acceptable to me at the time. If you recall from an earlier post on Selling your WH Salvage Wisely, I do not like to maintain large caches of riches in the POS, so I regularly take it directly to market or stage it in an exit system. Regardless, I found myself with a little over 2B ISK worth of sleeper loot scattered in 3 different stations, roughly 50 jumps total to round it all up.

The good thing about sleeper that it is LIGHTWEIGHT. A single NIM is a paltry 0.01 m3, which is consistent with most of the sleeper loot types. The "Wrecked xxxxxx" and "Malfunctioning xxxxx" components are also relatively small at 10.0 m3 a piece. That means even my Covops ship can easily carry all of the truly valuable loot, which means I typically make it safely though low-sec and can even skip through most gatecamps.

If you are capable of flying a Covert Ops ship with a Covert Ops Cloaking Device II, you have a safe alternative to traditional haulers for sleeper loot when running to market...

Fly Safe!

P.S. The Great Seattle Meltdown, which I luckily missed while on vacation, is beginning to taper off. Good to be home! Back to WH Operations!

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  1. +1, although i would suggest inertial stabilizers and such, for quicker warp align time just in case