Sunday, August 16, 2009

All profit from here...

Intermittent time online this weekend, but I did manage to clear a bunch more sites. My system has been spawning 3-5 new frontier sites daily, which in my experience is rare. My typical ritual is to login, scan down all of the prior bookmarks, scan down the new sites and WH exits, then get to work.

I will clear any Frontier/Radar/Mag sites, then time allowing, I will head into the static Class 2 exit to see if there are more sites. Six out of the last seven times the adjoining Class 2 system had multiple sites to run, so I am maintaining an active stream of sleeper loot.

In fact, I did my now-standard run to market and was happy to see that after this latest trip, my entire Medium POS experiment is effectively paid off. I am actually a little over 160M ISK is the proverbial green. I also decided I was going to keep myself planted in this system for a while longer, so I restocked on POS Fuel and now have a little over 4 weeks supply. Having static exits to a Class 2 is good for site running and another static exit to low-sec makes for easy and fast refueling and market runs.

Nobody has challenged the POS to date - in fact I have not seen a soul in the current system since I set up the POS. I suppose the static low-sec exit reduces the casual wormhole prober to a fraction of what you would see from a static high-sec exit.

A quick note on Rokh mining. I stopped mining based on the fact that even when mining Arkanor, the hourly ISK rate is half that of what I am currently yielding running sleeper sites. I am half-way there on skilling up for an Orca, so we will see how it works out with running the Rokh and the Orce fitted with max gang link modules for mining. Looking for feedback on the mining aspects of WH space and what people are using. Anyone want to guest post? If so, evemail me (Star Defender or LightTraveler).

Safe flying!


  1. Mining is the least profitable thing to do in a wh it seems.
    It's still better than doing nothing while you wait for better sites to spawn...!

    However, I'm moving out of my hole today. Even though mining brings some ok money (megacyte is still juicy), it's not exciting enough for it to be something I want to do for hours...

  2. Yeah, I get it. So far I have enough site spawns from my own and adjoining systems to keep me busy.

    Thanks for replying in the other post regarding using a Retriever.

  3. If you are gonna do any kind of to be full out with a Hulk. -Enyo Bellona