Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moved my POS

Well, I was scanning down the latest exits and lo and behold I discovered the mother load:
  • 23x Perimeter Checkpoint
  • 26x Perimeter Hangar
  • 7x The Ruins of Enclave Cohort 27
  • 5x Radar - Unsecured Perimeter Comms Relay
  • 7x Radar - Unsecured Perimeter Transponder Farm
  • 4 Ladar Sites
  • 3 Grav Sites
The most recent adjoining Class 2 system has no less than 75 sleeper sites and is a "hub" system with static exits to Class 2 and Class 4 systems only. It appears there may have been activity here long ago, as there are some abandoned T2 drones, but this system has been gathering dust...

So, I packed up the POS and all of the gear and moved the POS to the new system. It is a "Red Giant" anomaly system, which means it has 44% bonus to bomb damage, bomb range, and overload bonus. I do not use any of those so not really a benefit.

Next time I move the POS, I am going to consider buying a second one to anchor & online it first. Since you have to offline and un-anchor EVERYTHING before offlining the POS Tower, that means you are shuttling your defensive elements to the new site long before your tower is in place in the new system, which means you do not have an exact warp-to point established yet for the POS. You can either wait until all modules are un-anchored and the POS is un-anchored and transported to the new system (which leaves a lot of expensive modules sitting around a POS Tower with no shield for 30+ minutes), or you bookmark a deep safe spot in the target system and move everything as it gets un-anchored. The latter means you end up moving everything twice - once to the safe spot and then again once the POS is finally anchored and onlined. Either way, you have a lot of stuff out in the open waiting for the POS to get moved, which can be nerve-racking in a system with traffic.

Just had enough time to online the defenses before downtime. Hopefully I can make time this week to start clearing the sleeper sites.

Fly Safe!


  1. I've thoroughly enjoyed your blog and learned a lot by reading it. Moving into our WH would have been a lot harder without the info you've shared. Considering the quality of your blog I really think you should apply to be a member of the Eve BlogPack. More information here: http://www.crazykinux.com/2009/08/eve-blog-pack-expansion-this-is-your.html


  2. Thanks xlson - glad to hear it helped and that you have officially made the move. Drop me an evemail some time and give me the scoop on your corp!

  3. Oh, and I submitted to the blog pack - feel free to throw on a comment over there to support the request...

  4. What's the easiest way for a (fairly new) player to move a POS? I'm looking to solo in C1/2/3 systems and would like to bring a POS with me, but I'm worried that the WH would close up behind me if I drive a transport through and I'd never be able to go back to get my main combat ship(s).

  5. Until I complete skilling up for an Orca, and without a buddy with a freighter, I use both my Main's Badger Mark II and my Alt's Iteron IV to haul the POS, arrays, fuel, and supplies. It typically takes several trips (many, many trips if you are bringing POS defenses).

    Multiple trips through the WH entrance should not be an issue with Industrials, as their Mass is typically under 15M kg. If you use the link to the eWormhole tool at the top/right of this page, you can look up what is called the "Maximum Mass Capacity" allowed through the WH before it collapses.

    A typical Class 2 WH entrance is typically over 1 Billion kg, so you could take MANY trips through the WH without coming close to the mass capacity. That assumes nobody else is using the WH. Best practice is to get Info from the WH icon and see what it says - if it says:

    “Has not yet had its stability reduced”, then it means it has more than 45% of its remaining allowable mass left.

    “Has had its stability reduced”, “but not to a critical degree yet” means it has less than 45% of its remaining allowable mass left.

    "This wormhole has had its stability critically disrupted by the mass of numerous ships passing through and is on the verge of collapse." means it has less than 5% of its allowable mass left.

    In my experience, it is rare to seen anything other than the first status, anything else means there has been a lot of traffic and you may want to look for a new WH entrance.

    You also want to look at the Info stats to see an estimated timeframe for how long the WH will remain open, such as "This wormhole is stable and looks like it could last more than a day" or "Probably won't last another day", both of which mean you have at least 2 hours or more to move in.

    Check out the link above for "WH Information" - read it 3 times before you even consider jumping into W-Space. ;-)