Monday, August 31, 2009

Unloaded the Loot

Cashed in a cool 1.1 Billion ISK of loot tonight and also stocked up on POS Fuel. My system has begun respawning sites again and it looks like I am here to stay a while.

I had a bit of a close call on returning to the W-space system. I had scanned down an exit to LowSec via an adjoining Class 4 from my hub system and on the first trip out I simply dropped the loot at the nearest highsec station. I wanted to cover my refueling trips first before I ran up to Jita as the exit was already nearing closure. By the time I finished my fuel runs and then ran to market with the goods, when I returned to the low-sec entrance to the Class 4, it was in "Critical" mode - felt lucky to get through it before it collapsed.

I still have over 15 sleeper sites left in the system and 11 more sites spawned in the last 48 hours, so looking like it might be prudent to stick around... ;-) Have not even touched the Ladar sites yet.

Nice to see nanoribbons prices up - it accounted for 670M ISK of the total haul.

Safe Flying!

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