Wednesday, August 12, 2009

POS Defenses Test

Although I have read the requisite POS guides, etc. I am still a noob when it comes to POS warfare and defenses. I wanted to see for myself how my POS configuration was going to function as a deterrent to "let's take down this POS for Lulz".

The other motive was simply curiosity - I had never seen POS defenses activated.

Based on the configuration I posted previously, I wanted to actually see for myself how well the POS defenses worked in what I will call "ECM-Only" mode. The idea is to minimize fuel consumption by offlining the power-hungry guns, while maintaining a deterrent stance with the ECM. If any attack occurs, I can online the remaining batteries.

So, the first thing I did was to put all ECM batteries online and offline all guns. I then took my trusty Drake outside the shield, locked the POS and fired one missile. Well, needless to say, I was immediately Web Scrambled, Webified, and with 8x ECM's had zero hope of ever locking anything again, at least until I escaped. The funniest thing was that because I was webbed and scrammed, I could not really move. My max speed was 11 m/s with full 10MN afterburner! I had to offline the warp jammers just to escape. Lolz. Talk about being rendered useless. Initial test considered successful.

Ultimately, with the 8x ECM batteries to keep a ship from maintaining a lock, it would be extremely difficult for even a small team to take down the defenses. Seeing that the web disruption and stasis webifiers are really there to pin you down while the wrath of the artillery is unleashed, those can go offline as well. So, just the ECM batteries online for now. If I get an alert about a POS attack, I can online the warp disruptors, then the webifiers, then unleash the pain with the guns...

Question to the more experienced POS folks: Only one thing surprises me - is there no solution out there today for "Outside of EVE" email notification if your POS comes under attack? Obviously you get an EveMail, but preferably I get a text or an email...


  1. hi.

    A few hours ago my pos was attacked and now it's in reinforced mode.

    Based on this experience, here are my thoughts.

    The Ecm Only mode is an interesting ideea but i think it wont work against a small gang, and most likely if you get attacked you will be attacked by a gang. The problem is that if you dont deal damage, they can stay and shoot FOF missiles (for instance). That will eventualy incapacitate your ECM defences. After that they will hit your offline towers and incapacitate them as well.

    I strongly belive that without shooting back there is no point on investing money in defence.

    I will get back with another comment with thoughts on how to keep a pos safe in a few minutes

    Lunch break is over and i have to get back to work :)



  2. hi again.

    As one of my friends always says, it's better to prevent the damage than to try to repair it.

    So, the best way to defend you POS is to avoid beeing attacked.

    After a convo with my attackers, i noticed that they were under the impression they will get very very rich if they win. The reason: my refining array. They were under the impression i was running a big mining operation :)

    So, my advice is to pack the refining array, and store it inside the hangar array (or maybe in a badger) while you're not online. It seems it attracts unwanted visitors.

    Keep the anchored buildings to a minimum (hangar and ship maintenance)

    Keep the important loot in a getaway ship. This ship must have a probe launcher (a covert ops is the best choice) Before you logoff shwith to this ship. If by any change you cant login for a few days and in the meantime the POS is destroyed you will still save the loot :)

    Now, back to a good actual defence.

    I would switch most of those ECMs to some NOSs
    I would put warp scramblers instead of distruptors (you dont want them speed tanking your turrets)

    the scramblers will have less range thus forcing the opponent to engage from a distance. this means that a combination of NOS and Dampeners will render them unable to attack you POS (at least in theory)

    My choice on defence (with a minmatar medium tower) would be:

    2x Energy Neutralizing Battery
    4x Medium Artillery
    3x Small Artillery
    7x Sensor Dampening Battery
    2x Stasis Webification
    4x Warp Scramblers

    well, time to get back to work, and i hope that by bouncing ideas back and forth to come up with a better strategy on how to defend our Pos :)


  3. Let me give you some views from a full time merc for the last year, whose corp has been hired for countless POS take downs.

    First, understand that if someone wants your POS removed badly enough, its dead meat. The only way to prevent its removal is not by the POS configuration, but by large defense fleets. Not once in a year has anyone prevented us from taking out a POS we were hired to take down.

    The guns "Death Star" version will only prevent small fleets from killing it if it has an active POS gunner. Otherwise, it's just a matter of having the right numbers in a RR BS gang.

    The hardener/ECM "Dick Star" version will work against deterring the unorganized and unmotivated griefers, but again, it’s only a matter of time and fleet numbers.

    In HI/LO sec, go Death star and hire mercs if the tower is put into reinforced. In a WH, I'd totally go with a Dick Star. The difference here is you have time and mass limitations working in your favor. Just make sure to stront it to the max so that it comes out of reinforced after most connecting WH's have collapsed. Since you've gone medium tower this time, which has a higher investment, I'd also make sure you skill up an osprey with max shield xferring skills.

  4. Thanks Anon for the post - good to hear from an experienced POS warfare pilot.

    As the intention (at least my personal intention anyways) is simply to survive the casual griefer and occasional bored "lolz" squad, I can see your point on the hardened POS.

    I am not trying to defend against an organized WH corp looking to overtake the system - just looking to make it sufficiently hard to deter griefers and small (1-3 ship) gangs (i.e. what I call "lolz" squads). It sounds like it might be prudent to concentrate on one specific defense. That sounds like it would mean swapping out the guns/web/warp with hardeners, since I already have the ECM.

    Thoughts on this "hardener" buildout?:,12237,17174,17174,17175,17175,17176,17176,17177,17177,17185,17185,17184,17184,17186,17187&fuel=240&sov=

    (Doubling up where the Minmatar Control Tower has 0% shield resistance...)

  5. Thats almost it. Your resists with that make up are:

    Exp: 50%
    Kin: 50%
    EM: 75%
    Therm: 50%

    I'd add an additional Exp, Kin, and Therm hardener so that all your resists are at 75%.

    The downside of the hardener/ecm approach is its cpu/grid intensive. Even before you add the extra 3 hardeners, your going to have to be off-lining hardeners to get your refining array online. Add the extra three, and I bet it will really make you think twice about the asteroid mining aspect. Even with the reduced onlining time of POS mods, the money would have to really be good to go through that every time you need to refine.

  6. I was looking into this, and I won't be using my POS for anything but simple reactions, so I thought the total dickstar with all ECMs would be pretty good. If you tell me how to link my POS fit I would like some pointers if there are any.

  7. Wow, cool to see old posts still getting a read! There are actually some better, more recent posts on POS fittings here:

    In fact, my pending new deployment of a Large POS will be a hardened model with ECM, with artillery anchored but not onlined.

    On the POS Planner page, you will see a link for "Build URL" - this will convert the URL in your browser address bar to be something you can copy and paste into a blog or blog comment.

    For example, here is my Large POS fitting for my next WH base:,17185,17187,17184,17184,17186,17174,17174,17175,17175,17176,17176,17177,17177,20175,25270,14343,25270,25270,12239,17621,12237,16689,16689,16689,16689,16688,16688,16688,16688,16688,16688,16688,16688,16631,16631,16631,16631,16631,16631,16631,16631&fuel=1&sov=

  8. LOL actually I was googling dickstar for pos setup, and came here. I am becoming a fan of the blog tho. Not sure i am ready to put my stuff in a wh yet tho.....

  9. All good info... I've come back here numerous times to brush up on the strat for a DickStar mostly because I'm in a WH and have defined parameters for the incoming and outgoing aggressors and want to leverage the time and logistics factor to the max

  10. I'd like to point out the floors in this

    Anonymous said...

    Thats almost it. Your resists with that make up are:

    Exp: 50%
    Kin: 50%
    EM: 75%
    Therm: 50%

    I'd add an additional Exp, Kin, and Therm hardener so that all your resists are at 75%.


    Stacking Hardners does not work like that

    Base = 0%
    First hardner = 25%
    Second hardner = 43.75%
    Third Hardner = 54.6875%
    Fourth hardner = 68.359375

    Base = 25%
    First hardner = 43.75%
    Second Hardner = 54.6875%
    Third hardner = 68.359375

    Your getting the picture :-)